So You Say You Want A Revolution

I don't like the way things are being run. Everyone buying into someone's else's lie just so thy can make a buck. This society, goodness, we need help-not like the way the drug industry or technology industry helps but the help of a rebel. Someone who knows how everything really works and someone who can offer up new solutions to anciebt problems. If I had enough people on my side to start a revolution, whay it'd be one of the biggest movements ever in the history of the U.S. If I had my way i could change the system.
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2012

You cant ever have a perfect or a good society if its being run by the type of people we have today. The only successful revolution will be the one that will make people give up their learned biases and make them overcome themselves. We don't need to fix the system we need to fix the people running it and living in it.

Many people feel this way. With the coming of new gun-control movements the revolution may be closer than you expect. There are a great many reasons to believe that the leaders of this country are working against us in many ways.<br />
The government makes sure that all tap water is treated with fluoride, which happens to be a poison known to cause brain damage and cancer. <br />
So far this country is heading for disaster, it won't be pretty but the fall of the empire is at hand. History certainly does repeat itself!

But see the thing about our world is its ever changing, and any solution is temporary because no one person is perfect resulting in problems, it's a fact, there may be systems that improve the situations over time but to reach a utopia is impossible. No matter what system you need a perfect ruler, and no one is perfect even the wisest, king Solomon, fell to the temptations that plague mankind. So what your saying is ideal but in reality it's foolish.

I know its just has always been a fantasy of sorts for me

Yea same, I've always had that aspiration, I always wanted to be like Che