An Igniting Feeling Inside Me

crossing from north to south the andes for a month, you never know what to find nor what dangers you're walking (or hiking) into yet you can count on the people who live in little villages with just enough food and resources to survive. they feel forgotten, they feel they're unjustly ignored by those in power yet they remain silent as they educate their young generations into skilled war strategists and marksmen just so the hopes to be heard in the future remain untouched. they don't ask for much, only equality and the same opportunities as those who live in the more "civilized" areas... "what to do? oh what to do?" I naively asked to an 8 year old kid, who was apparently well informed of the situation...I never felt a more igniting feeling inside me as he looked into my eyes and said "rebelarnos, mi amigo" ("rise against, my friend")
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You are an adventurer .

So are you in your own way;) love it