I've Had Too Much "alone" Time

I've been separated from my husband for close to 4 months or so. I love him very much and the whole situation is completely messed up. I originally separated from him because I snapped one day due to the crazy amount of stress in my life. Then i wanted to work things out and he wouldn't and still wont give me an answer but yet I wait for him. He knows i'm waiting for him. We live in the same house still and occassionally we might go somewheres together like a restaurant. And we sometimes still have sex but i lack companionship. He's gone alot and I sit alone. I want to wait for him and be with him but how long do i wait? I don't think there's anything wrong with needing companionship but i don't know if I'm ready to give up the fight but yet the loneliness and lack of companionship is driving me insane.
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I don't know. I know I love him but it's killing me to wait and watch how he acts and deal with how he treats me.

Don't stay with someone or wait for them because your afraid of being alone or having to do all of the work yourself, etc. Stay with the person and/or wait for them because YOU WANT TO :) if not...move on. it's the only way to happiness.<br />
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Are you looking for happiness or security? I know too many people who have settled because of fear, insecurity and emotional need.

thanks:) I'm not getting anywheres though

we haven't talked for a while but i continue to follow ur stories. it seems to me that u're trying ur best to make it work. i hope he'll work with u. best wishes.

same boat, i get severe panic attacks until he comes back home. even though we arent together and he only really comes home to sleep but i guess it's a comfort thing

same as sort off i began doing my garden outta boredom , its easy for me to say but try looking at things positively i too am trying my own advice before i go insane i ve suffered severe panic attacks that ease only when my partner and i get back together , i hope all works out for you x

I don't cope very well. I took up gardening. But most of the time I sit and think and fear the worse

how did you cope MizzT ??? I have found myself being afraid of being alone that never used to be me i was quite outgoing now im afraid of my own company

it's definately a hard thing. I've been with him for 11 years and we have a 10 year old together....i just don't know

I completely hear you , i am not married to my partner but have been with him 5 years i have just had our first child together our son has now turned a year old i have 4 other children my daughter whom is 7 has called my partner daddy since she was 2 , due to a bad marriage of 14 years i have alot of stress issues going on and i snap very quickly i have recently seperated from my partner because i snapped aand told his mum he was using drugs i have stood by him as it wasnt what he used to do he has got in with some squatters and he has left me on and off since xmas last year , only your heart can decide when you have waited enough , i wait constantly for a call , email or a text but they dont always come .