Something Is Going On With Me?

Ok this all started a couple of months ago the first thing that started happening to me was that when i would talk to someone i would say the same thing as they would, like 5 times a day.A month or so after that i would think about something then the person i was talking to would say exactly what i thought of,this started happening more frequently 20 times a day.Now my brain is warning me before somthing has happen,i was sleeping and my brain suddenly jumps fully awake and i don't know why? after a minute my brother comes in the room thinking im asleep about to play a prank on me i say "**** OF I'M TRYING TO SLEEP" he gose away.Now i start seeing images in my mined of what's going to happen next.And now the same is happening when i go on the computer and talk to someone online.I JUST TRUNED 13 AND NOW THEY ALL HAPPEN TO ME FREQUENTLY
It's Like i Can Think before,See before and Talk befor Time.
HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
please if the same has happen to you tell me what it is.
DreamerOfTheDark DreamerOfTheDark
2 Responses May 8, 2012

now it dosen't happen as much but still everyday or second day it happens. like in the class room the teacher will ask a question but everyone would be quiet and just sit then i would think of an answer and some random kid would put up their hand and say the same as what i thouht of in my head : the same thing happens a lot but with a different kid.

your psychic hun. Your powers are just awakening. it usually happens by he age of 13 or so, so its pretty normal.