Hi, my name is Tiarra. I guess maybe I am just going through a sad period at the moment but I just feel like this is an important question to ask.
First let me explain the situation. I am an African American, 19 year old. Not the black black but between a normal black girl and a half white half black girl. I am not too dark but not too light either. I am 300 pounds but I am losing the weight! =) So YAY! But I was just wanting some really honest answers here. I am fun, smart, witty, silly, spontaneous and very loving. I am like a white girl in a black girls body, to quote most of everyone who has met me. I do not speak in a ghetto manner nor carry myself in that manner either. Yet I see bigger black and white girls who are not nearly as nice or good looking (not that I am being conceited I just think I am pretty) as I am and I am just wondering if maybe it has to be a problem with me. I mean I do get hit on every now and then but its really old guys who think I am like 20 something. (people keep saying it is because I carry myself in a very mature fashion (boy and girls alike)) So is there something wrong with me or am I just being bratty?

Oh and if I left anything out you want to know just let me know in the comments below. Thanks =)
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Haha thank you! Yeah I tell people that I don't need to act ghetto and that there is nothing wrong with an educated "black" woman who knows how to properly articulate herself and doesn't dress inappropriately .

Honestly if you think you're beautiful !! then thats amazing, it's really hard for people to even think they are good looking these days.
And the whole "white girl in a balck girls body" is just what society today has classified people. just because you're black, doesn't mean you have to act "ghetto" a lot of people really only do that to "fit in" . I'm proud of you for not caring what other people think, honestly I look up to what you wrote. Nothing is wrong with you, I think people should strive to be confident like you and comfortable with yourself <3