Everyday Of My Life

I feel like something is wrong with me. Why can everyone else in the world find someone to be happy with and I can't? Why can everyone else be happy and I can't? I've been trying for so long to find something that makes me happy and nothing can.. I just want someone out there to understand me and want to be with me.  There must be something wrong with me that makes people not like me so much.. I feel like I'm just suppose to single forever.. And I hate it.. I can't stand it.. I want a family I'd be such a great mom.. I'd be such a great wife always loving always caring.. So Why can I not find someone..

GibsonR23 GibsonR23
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 14, 2010

I have made a survey with people I met in the last 4 years. For some reason I don't make a good first impression. 70% of them said they didn't like me at first or thought I was stupid. WHY? I'm a nice guy, I don't curse, I listen to what other people say. As you said there must be something wrong with me. I think that just some people (like me) were born under a bad sign.