You Never Know !!!

First of all this is nothing against U GoldenArrow I just wanted 2 tell a story . I am an operating engineer ( Heavy Equipment Operator ) and I was working a job at the Delaware Oil Refinery . We had a safety man on the job that was very formal and strick . After many safety meetings and months on the job someone  in the office noticed something left on his computer . They started an investigation and found it 2 B child **** . Than they checked his home computer in another state 2 find it filled with kiddie **** . My message 2 all is watch out they R out there !!!

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No Problem . I understand !!!

I am not sure how Georgia came up ???I used the letters GA 4 Golden Arrow if that is what U R talking about ???

C U in Tokyo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Folks, the next time I log in I will be in Tokyo, and we can continue this discussion with a Japanese correspondent... me. <br />
Japanese men - and perhaps women - have a bit to answer for, it seems. I'd love to hear from someone who grew up there that might be able to put some of these comments in context.

Not to digress, but AndrewPenney did you hear about Amazon resellers and how they had a japanese rape-simulator "RapeLay" and it upset a lot of people so they chucked it out?<br />
Talk about culture clashes! I was stationed in Japan for three years, and yea; to me their culture is really out there, but to each (culture) their own.

U R right GA it , I guess it got sweep under the rug !!!!!!!!!!!!!

BV,<br />
Thanks for your comments. You have some real insights, and (sadly) have had much more contact with this world than I have. Wisdom can come at a high price i guess.<br />
I can't comment about the fairness of 10 years in prison for that guy, but my main attention goes to - what happens when he gets out? If you accept he will probably get out at some point, these questions have to be answered no matter how long he serves. How do we handle him being in our society? How do we know if he intends to fight his inclinations, and if he does, he can we help him do that? If not, what do we do with him?

PPL,<br />
That's what interested me most about it, that he kept in on his work computer. I mean, that's pretty stupid! Or else he was quite mentally disturbed - either didn't realise other people would find it awful (that's unlikely I think) or maybe it was a cry for help - he wanted to be caught, "saved from himself" maybe? Dunno. <br />
These things are "swept under the rug" so quickly to avoid embarrassment (for the company, maybe his wife? etc) that we don't really get a chance to learn from them. Most people - and i understand i'm different here to most - just want to forget that it even happened, ignore it.

We were never told any more after they raided his home in Virginia . None as far as I could tell he took his job serious . As 4 working with children I have no information on that . He gave no outside signs . I guess he did not care , several people saw it on the screen of his computer . The workers did not think much of him after that . I was never told if other computers were checked I would guess they wanted 2 keep it under raps so 2 speak . Joe B.

Interesting PPL. Yes we should all be on the watch I guess for possible paedophilic ****. <br />
<br />
I've got a few questions - I don't know if you can answer them or not, but maybe you can.<br />
<br />
What was done about him once it was found? Is there any indication that he had committed child sexual abuse, or did he limit his activities to watching ****? Do you know if he was in a position of authority of children, or had access to children regularly? Did any of his behaviour indicate he might have paedophilic tendencies, or did he manage to keep this side of himself totally hidden? What was he like around adults? Was it gay or straight paedophilic ****, was he gay or straight? Do you think he battled with his paedophilia, ie felt guilt, shame, realised it was wrong, or do you think he thought it was ok? What was the reaction of other people in the workplace to finding the ****? Did they check everyone's computer in the workplace, and if so, did they reveal any other ****, paedophilic or otherwise?<br />
<br />
Tell me more!<br />
Thanks,<br />