Why Should Paedophile **** Be Illegal?

This is why I think any *********** involving children should be a crime and anybody in the possession of it be punished as a criminal.

1.  It increases the likelihood of child sexual abuse in at least 2 ways: 

A.  It encourages paedophilic thoughts, in that the image invites the viewer to see children as sexual beings.  This in turn can lead some people to commit child sexual abuse.

B.    It can (and this is not uncommon, I read) be used to groom children specifically to encourage them to take part in child sexual abuse.

3.  Merely the creation of the image, ie the photo shoot, is in itself a form of child sexual abuse by subjecting that children to take part in a sexually explicit activity for which they are unable to consent to, and which they are (when older) extremely unlikely to have consented to.

4.  Further to 3., the subject in the photo may experience shame, disgust and emotional harm merely by knowing that there is such a photo in existence, either while they are a child, or as an adult, or both.

5.  A reasonable adult person in our community would experience disgust and anger in the viewing of the image, for the reasons above and other reasons.

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1 Response Mar 15, 2009

Well, I don't think there is anything wrong with finding sex repulsive. I think its a shame, because it is one of the great joys of life. Some even think you can find enlightenment through it - i'm not sure about that, but i think it can offer some things that not many other things can!<br><br />
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But it's not like food, you won't die without it, no matter what the advertisers of penis products tell us. I don't see any need to castrate yourself over that - your sexuality is more than simply who you desire to have sex with.<br><br />
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We disagree over ****. I really enjoy **** myself, although it is not free from problems. There are many grey areas in ****, as you point out. Some types of **** do certainly encourage harm to people - snuff **** would be an obvious example - the creation of it in itself being harmful. But then all sorts of BDSM could be seen as engendering enjoyment in another's suffering - or simply harmless release. It's not alwasy easy to know.<br><br />
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But one thing I am clear is that there *is* a range in **** and erotica. Some ****, like for example the stuff that APwrites, I have no problem with saying is fine. Others, like filmed *********** featuring children, I have no problem with saying is not fine. We shouldn't let our awareness of the "greys" obscure the fact that some questions *can* be answered with more clarity.<br><br />
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Cartoon depictions of paedophilia? I'm uncomfortable with these. They are powerful, and I can see their attraction. Many men have attraction towards smaller girls, for example. Or younger girls of 18,19,20. This isn't unusual, and sometimes the line towards a paedophilic image becomes grey and unclear. But I for one can sense as this line is approached, and as it is approached, I feel a sense of discomfort and uneasiness. I begin to feel "implicated" in a culture that is encouraging the sexualisation of children, and may be putting them at risk. I feel this implication merely as the viewer of such "grey line" activity. <br><br />
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Perhaps as males our main responsibility is to be aware of when this is happening and "call it" when we see it. Our own sexual gratification, at the end of the day, is not the most important thing in the world.