I am sick of the poor grammar in thus place!!!!
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I can't help but think you enjoy pointing out the errors of other people's ways. :)

In theory, that would explain why I'm so generally happy. There are lots of errors out there. But, I'm not perfect.... so, I just like having fun, regardless of the methodology.


Totally understandable ;)

Thus you will... Hell, I just lost a whole story.

Its not the grammar that bothers me so much as the spelling!

U mean speeling?

*face palm* I spealed thut rung!

He meens the spailing!

I nowe write! Its sew anoying....


Oh! Is it tyme four brakefust!

Befor or afta we mastubrate?

Whale coinsiderin the way you did yor croswurd puzle the othur day, we can jast do it all at the sam tyme! LOL NOM NOM NOM NOM!

Gimme your wurm and I wheel showe you!

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