I Seem to Have Less Ana Less Cash In My Pocket

I seem to move money more and more by bank card, the need to carry cash is so much less, it is almost starting to be a hassle to have to carry cash, I sometimes wonder how many more years will pass till cash will be obsolete.

shawnlet shawnlet
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6 Responses Mar 18, 2009

Well, I understand your problem. But I am trying to get away from debit card and use cash more because with a debit card you kind of forget your budget and you run around buying willy nilly. But with cash, it has to stop when it's gone.

We can just earn living points like on EP!

True, I hardly ever carry cash. But I seem to have a lot less cash to carry too.

I would rather use the card most of the time but there are time when you can't use it ,down machine, or power failure and you need to have some cash with you to use.

The bankers want it that way, but having cash in your pocket still is a very good thing we will never stop getting used to. The downside to those cash cards is, when you don't have any paper money, trying to get some cash out without incurring those dreaded fees.<br />
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Show me the PAPER MONEY!!!

I totally buy everything with my checkcard too... Gas, groceries, even fast food or a coffee. I carry so little cash that I actually have to go out of my way to get some at an ATM if I ever have a need for it.