Famous Atheists Last Words Before Dying

I posted this in the "I am and Athiest"  group replying to a post regarding Psychology. Obviously they censor free speech in their group. 

This is essentially a book marker for anyone who hasnt watched the 

"Famous atheists last words before dying"


Its a fascinating series of quotes by atheists and some coreligionists .   

If you haven't seen it you should definitely click the link the video is about 3 1/2 mins   

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Kind of creepy&hideous really
Allow them to die with a shred of dignity rather than mocking

A lot of you don't seem to understand Atheists. Atheists do not have a belief in a higher power. I am an Agnostic, which means I neither confidently claim there is a god nor that there is not a god. I do not hold either belief. This of course still doesn't give me a belief in a higher power, so that puts me in the category of Atheism. I didn't choose Atheism because I'm angry with any gods. I didn't decide to use it as a means to do what I want, either. I am simply an Atheist, because no science has observed a higher power or creator, yet. If this higher power were real and would torture me for not following him or her, even though he or she left no trace of evidence for me to believe, then that would be a villain, not a god.

I do not begrudge religious people, as much as others might claim. I do have a problem with a person using their religion or spirituality to judge negatively others who do not happen to share it. I have no evidence that there is NO god. Therefore, it would be bigoted of me to berate you for believing in one or any.

Why don't I have a belief in a god, when there is creation all around me? Theists explain that something can't come from nothing, and I get that, but then when asked where did their creator come from. The answer is that he or she transcends time and space. He or she just always existed. It is every bit as likely that the matter and energy in the Universe is the same. Many theoretical physicists posit that there are infinite Universes. If this is the case, then life was inevitable. The crux of the situation, is that neither the Theist nor the Atheist, have all the answers. I see no reason why we couldn't work together to figure them out, though.

"I don't believe in atheism" (quote from the TV show mash. Spoken by the character hawkeye)

I don't understand Atheists.

I also care about them.They seem hopeless,blind. I agree that some lie about being atheist to avoid facing the truth and as a nurse I have seen the passing of some hopeless souls that don't want anything to do with prayer or God, it's like they're mad at themselves for their denial and know the end is near. Do you believe God has mercy on them when they die?

Or maybe they actually dont believe in your or any of the pantheon of gods that have existed

I believe that atheists are bitter towards God. When they become bitter it prevents them from discussing religion objectively. Atheists get so angry when the topic of God comes up and it is ironic because one would think that talking about something that does not exist would not have that effect on them. It has been said that people's atheism comes not from research or intellectual pursuits , but from hurt. At one time they may have believed in God, but He did not act the way they thought He should , so they decided that He did not exist. I don't know( nor does anyone, except God, Himself), if God will have mercy on them or not, but I hope so. God is a Healer, so maybe He will. Leena

If anything an atheist gets angry at the hate carried out in the name of god that continues day by day rather than your notion of god

I went to a service recently as it was a friends childs christening coming up&the woman speaking,without irony said a womans place was at home to look after the kids!!!

If they're bitter towards God, they've acknowledged God. I believe athiests do not believe in any thing at all. They live not for God nor Satan. I don't understand how they think because I cannot live without God! You are so right about God is a healer, and a merciful one at that. I can imagine a Godless world or Universe.

What is there to understand?

That is such a crappy answer
Atheism isnt an excuse to do as 1wishes,if anything the same argument could be made for believers&saying its god's will.i dont understand whyits hard to understand atheism/atheists,given the mass of evidence,it is a logical position to take

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Thanks for your post. Very enlightening, and very effective.