There's a Chance For Solving Things.

It has been a daily concern that the landlord will come up to me and tell me that my son has to leave.  I was at the bus plaza yesterday when a driver that I have known for about 6 years told me that his sister has a house for rent. It just happens to be the same house that I had tried to get into 5 years ago but it was being held for someone else.  I had explained my situation to him and he thought about me when the house became available again.  He's going to speak to his sister on my behalf.  It would certainly solve the problem of having my son homeless.  I'd also called my daughter and told her there were two choices for my sons living when I am told that he has to leave. Her house or the streets.  She said that he could live with her.  That eases my mind somewhat.  I began to consider that I do not want to move again.  I've put a lot into this place and I am settled here.  I then thought that since my daughter is paying way too much rent for where she's living SHE could get into the house that I mentioned and my son could stay with her until he can enlist in the Army!  I only wanted a place where he wouldn't have to worry about being put out and I don't have to move there at all.  They can share the house and the rent has to be more affordable than where my daughter is staying.  Once I know for certain that the house is open I will mention to my daughter that she can have it and that I will stay where I am.  My son can get a job to help out with things there.  He isn't working now and yes he should be but leaving the house would bring the landlords attention to him and out of sight, out of mind.  Hopefully we'll know something in a couple of days.  This is a good solution for all of us!  By the way. My roof leaks and the water pours into the interior walls soaking the carpets and drapes.  If I mention it the landlord will have to come in and there my son will be--still living here--way past the 2 weeks that I said it would take.  It's going on 2 months now.  He knows that he's here but he's not pushing the issue and I don't want him to.

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Jul 6, 2007