How I Think The World Will End, If It Even Does

I have a theory about the end of the world. I think that the planets will align, causing spacial winds to follow one direction. And that it will cause the heat of the sun to spread amongest all of the planets. Or possibly that when the planets line up, gravity will cause the sun to shoot out a solar flare much larger than we have ever seen. I predict that if something like this happens the earth will heat up and that the lowest temperature in the whole world will be around 120 degrees. That would be the best case scenario. Worst case scenario, the earth heats up so much that it will completely destroy the earth's atmoshere causing all of us to die. But we should not panic. If something like that happens we will probably all end up dead anyways. If you are wondering how you would survive if it did heat up to 120 degrees, please listen. Since I have never survived in a dessert or anywhere that it would get that hot, I dont know exactly what you would do. But I know that the best thing to do would be to stay hydrated. Carry no less than 2 gal. of water with you at all times. Another things you will want to do is try to stay cool. I know that sounds like it would be impossible but here are so things you could do to stay cool in extreme heat. 1. Do not take off your clothes. One thing I always read about people that have survived in desserts is that they think taking off their clothes will keep them cool. But do NOT do that. It will cause you to get sunburn and it will make it so much harder to survive while in pain. Try to wear light clothing. 2. If it is just to hot for you to function properly and all you want to do is rip off your clothes, stop yourself from doing it. Something you may do is take a towel or an extra shirt or anything that will hold water and get it wet. You will not want to waste your water though. But something you could do is urinate on it. I know it sounds gross but it will greatly cool you down and help to keep you alive. You may not smell the best, but atleast you stay alive. 3. If you have more than one set of clothes, take the worst ones and cut slits into them. It will help to get the air onto your body with a much less risk of sunburn. And another thing people may do is wear their shoes barefoot. This I tell you, you do not want to do. With out anything to soak up the sweat from your feet, it will open them to a risk of many infections. So if you wear shoes, wear socks. You may also just be plain barefoot. But this will open the risk to your feet being cut on a rock, glass, etc. If possible, take a thin cloth and make it into a sort of sandel. A will help a little bit but still dont think that they make your feet invincable. And always remember, you can go 3 weeks without food, but only 3 days without water. So stay hydrated yet eat enough to have energy to do things. Well I hope that if anything like that ever happens you remember my tips. Thanks for reading everybody. This is Ricinar Alaric, with survival tips. If you are looking for more survival tips feel free to ask. I am a survival expert and will help you with anything if I think it will keep you alive. Thanks for reading.
teenwerewolf14 teenwerewolf14
18-21, M
May 13, 2012