If Only They Knew

As I've noticed, I've seen lots of women getting stressed out to look good just to make guys notice them.  I mean it's ok to look good for a special occation but nothing to exagerate. What matters is what that women is on the inside, how much she cares for that guy she likes, but no, people this days are more blinded by the outside beauty.

Luzbel Luzbel
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4 Responses May 31, 2010

lol makes sense and sounds like fun XD too bad I don't go anymore

Ha, old ladies at church just makes it compounded. First there is the fact that they are senior, they already think young people these days dress horridly. Then there is the fact that you are in a church wearing black. They probably think you are possessed. Want to mess with them? Hiss at them. :P

I agree, I have gone to a church when old ladies look at me as "diabolical" for wearing too much black. So it was my mistake to be blaiming guys, although over here when I go to school they look at me and treat me like a complete freak show -_-

Personally, I don't require my girlfriend to dress to the 9's for anything. I am perfectly fine going out somewhere with her wearing her favorite shirt and jeans. It is her female friends (as with most women) that judge her based on how she dresses. Women live in a judgemental society of other women.<br />
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There are men that require their women to dress like model all the time, but that is because they are putting her on display. Which is not only rude - But selfish aswell.