Insane Joke That's Not Funny,

 Our society keeps pushing this insane, ridiculous and extremely unhealthy idea of beauty on all of us and it's not what I want or how I feel I need to be. The more outside influence I have had the more confusing health becomes. I do not want to look like everyone else and want to enjoy being me again and I refuse to be anyone elses idea of what I should be. It's unhealthy and very much someone elses inside joke that I just don't get, nor do I want too. I like waking up to my reality everyday and I wont apologize for it ever again!!!

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4 Responses Mar 1, 2009

MizzBlue72....Men are not the only people who cheat, just as many women have been cheating for ego boosts for years it's not a reason to change who we are it's actually more of a reason to be who we really are and only stay with people who would rather be with someone for more then the way they look.

You know - I think it does stem back to men. What about the husbands that say, 'ah honey - I don;t mind what you look like, I love you!'. Great, right? Until you find the size 2 supermodel hottie he is cheating with ... oh yeah. It's not the men at all ...

This isn't a men vs women topic and not all of ANY gender are to blame. ALL of us are that keep putting up with it. Your comment is a great example of the confusion of body images for both and is not actually true. Most men like healthy, fit women which is not the same as skinny, skinny is unhealthy, wafer thin. Those young girls only hear guys like skinny, they don't hear healthy and fit they hear model wafer because the only real example some may have are shown by society which is the wafer thin models and actresses they are copying.<br />
I was athletic and learned healthy was what to strive for as far as body image but the majority of girls your talking about may not have any idea of a healthy image to strive for.<br />
All of society pressure women in many ways and they can either go with the flow and please all of them or rebel and find their own way through it. Parents pressure female children ten times more to get married and have children as early as possible and make them feel that's all that matters, in our society women still do not matter as much unless they are married and/or have children or both, everything else is suppose to be last and that is a fact. For most of us that is what we grow up with and all children now are bombarded with all kinds of unhealthy images of what society wants them to be, they want to look like girls they see as popular. It's real pressure that the majority of the female population has to rebel or give up and take they are not just competing.

Woman always say that men are pressuring them, but I don't think that's really true. Woman are more afraid what other woman will say then they are of their boyfriends/husbands. Here's a bit immature high school example. A number of my friends said to their girlfriends that there's no need for them to wear tons of makeup, but they still do it, only to look good to others. They're always freaking out about their weight even though nobody said they're even a bit chubby. And who makes the standards other then the woman in your crazy magazines XD I mean, guys do like slim ladies, but not those horrific skeletons that can be seen on the catwalk. It used to be about pleasing men, but now it seems like a childish female competition.