Armagideon Time

alot of people won't get no supper tonight...

alot of people won't get no justice tonight...


there's more to this tune,of course.

penned by the immortal Willi Williams and done properly by the Clash,among many others.

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1 Response Dec 24, 2009

Mr. Williams tells us further~remember to praise Jahoviah,and he will guide you through this Iration-it's armogideon...<br />
whereas the Clash weigh in with their interpretation~remember to kick it over,no-one will guide you-through Armagideon...<br />
<br />
both have their merits,in theese times when weapons far outweigh food(STILL!) and hungry belly babies die every day of malnutrition.<br />
<br />
I had the rare pleasure of watching Willi Williams perform this a few years ago,on a small shady stage outdoors-backed by the original Soul Defenders band!!! We bubbled and skanked all day to original studio one riddems done nice and proper,a day I won't be forgetting.