Breaking Benjamin : Crawl

I'm not like you
Your faceless lies
Your weak dead heart
Your black dead eyes
I'll make it through, but not this time
Your hope is gone, and so is mine
HatEWithiNMe HatEWithiNMe
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3 Responses Aug 13, 2010

wow, awosome lyrics very nice ^^

Very good (: . I think your song will be a great hit.

Love it! please give me your comments on this song i just wrote. Contructive or not, doesnt matter just be truthful. I do already have a copyright agreement due to my uncle working in the music industry. So please, anyone, comment this please.... here goes nothinn...(:<br />
X___Pity___X<br />
That side is not one to debate.<br />
I'll sure give you something to hate.<br />
No drugs could cure me<br />
So i'll remain pure, you see<br />
What else would i have to breathe for?<br />
Don't have the breath to walk out the door.<br />
So I will smile one day, and I'll cry the next,<br />
Which one do you like best?<br />
<br />
(Chorus)<br />
<br />
Take your pity off me<br />
Close your eyes and you will see<br />
It's not the first thing on my list.<br />
Red pen checks off the lies<br />
What a horrible disguise<br />
Well, I guess if the shoe fits.<br />
What do you want from my smile? <br />
Can you smell the denial?<br />
How in the hell can you breathe?<br />
Take your time with the story.<br />
My eyes are too sore to see<br />
The colors are draining with ease.<br />
Take your pity off me..<br />
<br />
(Verse 2)<br />
<br />
Can you save me from wakin up screamin?<br />
Convince me that i'm only dreamin.<br />
Can you help me forget, forget all the ****<br />
That lead my heart away from the sun?<br />
Tell me that one, 'cause you tell it so wel<br />
Help me believe this world's not gone to hell.<br />
Don't tell the truth, I can't take it.<br />
If you want me to smile, guess i'll have to fake it.<br />
But you're the one who knows me best.<br />
My heart's bound to stop beneath the ribs in my chest.<br />
<br />
<br />
(Bridge)<br />
<br />
So I will admit that I'm half scared to death<br />
But I know that I can't die just yet.<br />
'Cause I'm alive as much as I don't believe it<br />
Blue veins shown through my skin<br />
And that's all i have besides your love and this pen<br />
So just say it again<br />
Lie, and say it again.<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
(ending)<br />
<br />
Sometimes we see the irrelivent<br />
No war we can prevent<br />
No smile that can be forced<br />
Don't put your pity on me<br />
...whoa...<br />
Take your pity off me...<br />
<br />
<br />
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