We Must Hang Together Or We Will Surely Hang Separately

Any person who is in any way tuned into the news knows that the current state of things is not good.

Climate changing, species dying, ice caps melting -- and all the while governments continue to wage war on foreign countries and oppress their citizens.

There are police beatings in Moscow on the same day there are police beatings in Los Angeles.

All over, wealth becomes increasingly concentrated in the hands of a privileged minority.

Brother looks on brother and sister looks on sister in utter helplessness.

There is a growing consensus deep within the collective unconscious that things are not well, and that in fact things must change.  To continue on this present direction is a recipe for future disaster of epic proportions.

For too long people have allowed themselves to be controlled and led by wolves who shamelessly strut without any sheeps clothing.

There will come a time when it will be impossible to deny the destruction that is waged on the environment, on each other, and on our individual psyches. 

We have become all too trapped and confined by those dark forces which fester and grow in every hallway of power.

In time the wisdom of change -- a rejection of selfishness and greed -- will become self-evident.

One hopes that by then it will not be too late to change course
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5 Responses Jun 4, 2007

great comments, some times the changes you make yourself however small they appear at the time, can have a huge impact. Keep thinking positive thoughts and sending love out into the universe and you will continue to attract more like minded people to you. Change is coming, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

It is said that those who don't stand for anything will fall for everything. That is what we've done basically, we've allowed ourselves to sleep while those elitist few were busy hoarding all they could. They told us we needed guidance and we fell for it. I'm thinking of course of the BILDERBERG GROUP who are really the only power brokers on the globe. Too much in the hands of too few, and everyone suffers. <br />
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While we're busy assigning blame, however, we better look for solutions and know that the work will only be done by the people. <br />
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I believe in the collective consciousness of humankind. To me it's the "waiting room" we enter when we die to this world. We're all connected. To each other, to the planet, to the cosmos. Everything one does in life is somehow, marked either on earth with our carbon footprint or on other humans and animals - we've created a karmic backlash that will surely be toxic for those who come soon after us. Once we said "Not for years..." well it's been years and the time is now.<br />
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UNITE, ORGANIZE, ACT. If you need it, here's a start: http://www.4allofus.com

I saw your name, and came to see your page, and read this story, and I applaud your thoughts and writing style...it is so true, we all go together, or, we all die alone...I think I will encircle you, you seem worthy.

It seems like such a simple concept to turn things around. Unfortunately, the truth is (now) that those of us who truly care make up a very small group. As I look out my window, I see thousands of people who just don't give a damn. But if we continue to lead by example, our influence will grow. There's no denying the shape our world is in, and it is up to us, now, to try to change it. The things I've heard from the G8 Summit this week have been absurd. Our world's ambassadors are just bickering and posturing - and it's because they have no clue what to do.... Ugh. I'm just going to stop there for now. Well, on the positive side, I do honestly believe our collective consciousness is rising. People are becoming more aware that things are in a state of turmoil. If our leaders want to keep leading, they'll have to start listening. Hopefully, though, their time is passed. We need new leaders who were with us from the start, not old ones who are just catering to the constituency. OK! Off the soap box... Happy Friday everyone!

Well Said!! I feel the same way.