Friday's Laws

1. Life is difficult.
2. Perception is reality.
3. Change is the toughest thing a human being can do.
4. You can never change another human being; you can only change yourself. Once you change, they change, but you cannot change them.
5. I am responsible for everything I do and say. I am not responsible for your response.
6. The future and the past are seldom as good or as bad as we anticipate or remember.
7. Nobody has a squeaky-clean psyche.
8. The only thing that lasts forever is...Now.

koyptakh koyptakh 51-55, M 10 Responses May 12, 2011

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Hi chipperchick

yes wise words. Thank you for introducing me to them!

I like the sound of making new memories out of tomorrows!

very best wishes my friend



Paul Friday would love these comments for sure..

I have been his friend since 1976., and, you know he has helped me in many ways.

The only thing that lasts forever, is NOW...Great !

But, my favorite saying is about making new memories, of tomorrow.


Hi Bluebie

Thanks for being sorry I have found life difficult. You are kind and it is nice to meet you. But I am not sorry. What would be the point of that? I am sure I have a far easier life than most human beings ever born! In a way this is the best of times! I mean now there is ep for example! Amazing! Maybe difficulty causes growth anyway?

I do not know if perception is reality in the sense it is my belief. It makes sense to me though at least on the surface of reality.

I am not sure that believing is seeing is the opposite of perception is reality. It may be an alternative but maybe belief is a part of perception - human perceptions are easy to trick!

I was only introduced to the 8 laws the other day and just found them interesting. Appears you do too.

Best wishes


You have heard the phrase "seeing is believing"? If you believe that perception is reality, then really the opposite is true. Believing is seeing.

I agree it's all about growing, and I'm sorry you have found life to be difficult. :(

Hi Bluebie

I have found Life to be difficult and have no problem with that. I agree with 1 and 2 and you. It is all about growing and seeing more I guess.

Very best wishes


I agree with all but #1. Life is difficult only if you see it that way. I think #1 should be "Life is good"! Which is true if you believe #2 :)

Hi Wall

glad you like them.

was worried about you seeing the news this morning. Glad you are ok.

Best wishes


Hi Literaturegirl

Thanks for your insights. Thinking is hard! That should be a law too. Especially this early!

I think therefore I am seems inadequate to the reality that by the time you get to think in the self conscious sense you are already programmed. So really all you can start fixing all the bugs and viruses. Sorry about the computer analogy!

you are right normal and winning are oxymorons! haha!

Best wishes


Like them!

Hi Literaturegirl

yes I thought so too.

I copied this:

Friday's Laws examines these behaviors and gives readers eight laws, or guideposts, that create a strong framework to use in achieving normalcy. Insight into and understanding of the function and scuffles of various sections of the brain are the best tools you can have to interpret the actions of co-workers, spouses, family members and, most importantly, yourself.

The true battles in life are not between bosses and employees, or parents and children. Perpetual scrimmages occur in the gray matter between your ears. Friday's Laws allows readers to understand how to become normal when they're not and how to stay normal when they are. You may be surprised at how special "normal" actually is. It can allow you to win—in your career, in relationships and in life.

good idea hey!

Best wishes