Smacking On Food In My Ear

My ears are sensitive, & my family members KNOW that! They wait UNTIL they call me to put food in their mouth to start sucking & smacking in my ear. That sounds nasty & makes me wanna just hang up in their face. Why call me from 500 miles away, just to annoy the **** outta me?!

otad12 otad12
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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

yeah I hate that too and they always chew gum or slurp tea or just suck food when talking to me and are all like "ooh why are you so grumpy" lol GRRRRR

OMG Emerald, I would have been programming "ignore that number" into the phone!

COuld be worse... I had a friend that compulsively had to go number 2 on commode when she called me! :O Gives new meaning to "Drop a line"!! :(

You mean more than one person in your family does this to you?