How Could She Do That

sometimes you give up everything for someone you think the world about that person your friends for as long as you know then suddenlly you find out that person is not the person you though she/he was and it ends up with how could you do that to me now your woken up ? what did i do wrong but you never get the answere you do do you acept it not always right well here is what i am going to tell you people are selfish you should of never trusted were all the same we all lie  betray give mokry behind the backs of other we all put up a high opinin of others when their not that great at all their just like you , dont forget your bad said like for exsample when you dont like love or cant stand someone how do you treat them/ right really bad even if its in you heart right? well yes but dont fell bad cause everyone is like that . and by the way everyone is selfish dont believe when someone tells you he does thing for the sake of others without getting anything in return cause everyone does ? well yes they do i help you i get a good feeling/ yes i also get the thank you so i really didnt do nothing at all cause i gave and i got righ ? well say you dont want to help and you still do well you do it so people dont have a bad opinion of you right ? or for exsample  say your dad is coming to see you and you rather be watching a football match or you favorit serie but you tell him he can come over and while his their with you your couting the minutes befor he goes welll your suffering but your making him happy once its over your asking yourself what did i get from that you can sleep at night not thinking that you let down you father for a match of football and you keep the god image of yourself which is of course the one you set up build so that your friends will like you cause i hope you know your not the person you are thinking right? cause you make yourself look more good natured for them to like you rather you know it or not well its not where i am trying to get at well the thin g is that everyone is selfish rather he or she knows about it or not.  well next time i will talk about our ilusion about others ok  i dare someone to tell me i am not right here                                                                      

elior elior
18-21, T
Apr 14, 2010