I Nominate...

My own lol...not the finest but one of them.....wink
Blondevixon Blondevixon
31-35, F
65 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Please friend me so I can see this nomination-worthy caboose of yours. ;)<br />
<br />

You go girl! Be proud. It is a blessing you have what you have.

We would love to see ur ***. Please add us.

blondvixons hands down x

Thankyou winston yes it is me lol x

i could go with that , further inspection required lol xx

I agree uptown joe, there are many on a parr with my own and even better. But for my age, the kids ive had ect the fact i never go to the gym, im happy with my *** hahah x

Nudy!!! I can just imagine that, i have a mental image in my head, a pleasant one it is too!

Why Thankyou wib i will drink a toast to it tonight lol x

a good bum needs to be acknowledged bv ... and yours is hereby noted!! lol

Thankyou nakedpoet my *** has served me well lol, and i am delighted with it hahah

I can only see a very small part of it in a very small thumbnail, but it does look very nice. And you look like you're very happy with it.

I'm joining the crowd, albeit late, on this one. Great @$$

Could I be a friend so I can check it out myself??? :-)

I would love to kiss your *** any day. In those panties it looks awesome. I only wish I could see your pics. Please add me. Thanks

MAYBE i came here too late but i want to see it

would love to see it to judge for myself if you dont mind

It's gotta be you darling! *kisses*

Cant have my *** has my avatar all the time vitocor77 it would get boring.

I have to throw 1fourU's *** in the pool as well........smiles<br />
ummmmmmmmm... I hope she can swim......heh heh

It is funny that I found this post because your profile photo is the reason I looked you up and I was going to write and tell you that IF that is your *** it is amazing. Now that I know it is yours KUDOS. I second your nomination of your ***! And...I consider myself a connoisseur of female ***.

Heheheh that would be a honour 1forU! Hope nobody gets sick of the sight of it lol...may have to change the packaging now and again x

Aww thanks 1forU, to some this whole story might seem to have begun by me been totally conceited...anyone that truly knows the real me knows this is not the case, and i wrote this completely tongue in cheek, and am are the sort of nutter who will comment on my own post if nobody else does lol x

Amazing Darkhunter my *** story has taken on a comedy thread of its own! Hahah!

Well iRant heres to many more mornings of my *** in your face that was hillarious! And Too true Laffs! If nobody else will nominate ya do it ya self hahah! And PTman there in my top ep list of fav female ***** was actually 1forU im ashamed to say i havent had the pleasure of getting to know her properly yet so couldnt remember her name when i first wrote this, sorry 1forU! But along with me sol and tx she was the other, no offense to any other gorgeous ***** on here, its just those ***** are to me perfect all toned tanned and biteable, and they have the full package mwah ladies! xx

Sole: I'm picky too. They have to have nude or semi-nude pictures in their albums, and....ummm....let me think.....ummm......I'm sure I had some other criteria, it just escapes me at the moment. ;)<br />
<br />
And yeah, being a girl watcher yourself, in my personal ranking system, puts you WAY up there!

i would love to see it. please friend me.

IRant! You kill me!...lol!<br />
<br />
I personally collect hot,super sweet women on here too....wtf? I can be a girl watcher too,right? But,they have to be down to earth,and sweet,and also have a great sense of humor!

Sole, yes, BV and 1forU have met. I saw BV comment on a photo of hers. For some odd reason BV is almost as fast as I am at finding you beautiful sexy ladies! lol. Of course that only raises her position in my personal rankings! ;)<br />
<br />
And yes PT, 1ForU has a quite beautiful *** as well, and, again is a whole package.<br />
<br />
Hmm. I'm starting to see a pattern....Beautiful *** == Whole Beautiful Package. I better publish this theory before some professor gets a government grant to study the phenomena.

BV I second your nomination, looks mighty fine to me.<br />
Nice lines and perfect form!

Yeah it is one hell of an ***!!!

I'll have to go thru the thread on this post completely to find the other two "nominee's" but for now I'll have to stay with BV as having the best! Bill in Va. <br />
just wish I could see more than the profile photo!

and i agree with FG Pix has got an exceptional ***. :)

yes she is sole, that girl is the total package.

IRant!..you kill me...that was funny!<br />
<br />
Allaboutlaffs....even Funnier! <br />
<br />
Ptman...you are fine!,maybe BV doesn't know 1forU yet! She is amazing,and so sweet!

From one nice *** to another I am not ashamed to admit I have told you that you have a great ***. You are right up there with Pixelita in my book so definitely you would be in my top list if I had to judge.

sorry about the name dropping, my bad.

Awwwww...BV! You are so sweet! Your just saying that because your my sister!..lol!<br />
<br />
We need a pic of all our ***** together...Jean is right! <br />
<br />
And actually,Jeans *** is one of the finest as well...we need a new story thread just for Jean's whole body actually....; )

yes they are BV, there is another that i truly love on here. and i'm sure there are many more that i haven't seen, but have promised myself to do so. lol<br />
<br />
1fourU wow, that lady is up there to.

Oh yes. Sole and Tx are quite beautiful, and have beautiful ***** to go alone with the entire package they have, but BV sticks her *** in my face every morning when I log in with that avatar, proving that it takes more than just a beautiful *** to get my vote, you have to put it in the public eye as well!!! ;)

Thanks Nudeone hun x And yes PTman i feel bad naming but its so true! Sol and tx are stunners, perfection at its finest.

your absolutely correct on those two beautiful ladies BV.

BV - YOu have my vote.

Now thats one mental image jp! x

Lol iRant i hope thats my *** and not that im one of the finest ***** youve seen! And no JP im sure i could endure you ob<x>jectifying me!! Hahah sol...i didnt realise folk read the whole thread! Not wanting to embarrass your good self it has to be yours and txwomans!!! There! Im a name dropper!

AHH, the other finest *** decides to join the party!! Speaking of which, why don't you come when BV comes, we can all have a mutual inspection.

I'm with sole on that one. It's downright selfish of you to keep those pictures from us!!! lol

LOL!,..BV! I agree! Your *** is amazing...I want to see the pic of you just in diamonds,and the one of you bent over your car..! Hehe...<br />
<br />
Jeanp..I totally agree..sometimes its just good clean fun to be ob<x>jectified..! <br />
<br />
BV....who are the other ***** you love...?? Jean's doesn't count!..lol!

yes i did, and my tent is open to you anytime you wish to visit.

I'm waiting!! <br />
So you don't feel uncomfortable with your inspection, I will gladly let you "hold" your own inspection as well. Can't let you come to the states and feel completely ob<x>jectified.

No doubt about it BV! One of the finest ***** anywhere, not just on EP.

Well PTman youve already had a close enough look already in your tent lol.

fine yes indeed,

Hahaha Jean P i knew you would insist on a personal inspection! Such a perfectionist yourself! Oh well its off to the States then!!

Oh, I'm so glad I found this post!!! BV- tongue in cheek- -hahaha. Where have I heard that before? I think you should bring your *** to the states and let me judge it in person. Your pics, without question, show one of the best ***** on this site, but we must take the palm test to be sure.<br />
Come on with your fine ***!!

Aww laffs! Thanyou! Ill leave the long johns in the closet for now then! x

Yep! Myth were the pics of me wearing just my diamonds and a smile not enough that i sent you? Boy you are greedy today! And what about the one of me naked bent over my car?

Lol myth sickening aint it? Who would vote their own ***? "Me!!!!!" Hahah! Am i allowed to without been vain lol? Im making the most of it, it might be the worst *** on ep in a few years who knows! Then ill have my long johns on.

Thanks Billbar, never thought of it like that before a upside down herat but you are right lol i suppose it is, and glad you think its the perfect size, id say it was a tad big but nevermind more to grab onto.

Hhaah it is nudy!!! Good for many things (wink) x

Lol thankyou rw5453! It does me well, and is exellent to use to shut car dors if my hands are full!

It is certainly an excellant looking ***

When i posted this it was totally tongue in cheek! (forgive the pun lol) but TBH i do think i have one very fine *** Please shoot me down but im by no means big headed. But i just say it has it is, i dont take myself seriously, but considering how little comments i have on this story i can only assume folk think its obscene to nominate your own sweet *** lol. Oh well....from my very fine opinion thres only 3 ***** i have seen on here that beat my own.

Think your *** is very lovely BV!!!!

the finest is yours PERIOD!