1fouru Has To Be Here

I have to nominate this beautiful woman. She has one of the finest ***** on EP and she has the sense of humor that will allow her to enjoy this nomination! LOL. And she's too modest to nominate herself. It's certainly not shyness! LMAO

For those of you not lucky enough to be in 1's circle, here's what I'm talkin' about:

(she deleted her account and so the image is no longer available)
iRant iRant
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8 Responses Aug 12, 2010

Very nice!

I am in agreement on the magnificance of her posterior features......<br />
I hope I am behind her when she bows to the people.... smiles

Just seeing this...and coming out of a second wind...need to go back to bed...lol!..I Agree!

And my vote!!!

yeah, she is awe inspiring to say the least.

I'm gonna have to join you folks. Without question one of the finest the good lord has put on this earth.

Yes I gotta second this nomination!!! All those looks and a rockin' personality to boot!!!

without a doubt, this lady is has an awesome ***. one of the most beautiful i have evr seen.