I Love Thongs

                         HELLO EVERY ONE yes I have been wearing thongs for a few years now and i must say i find them very comfortable and they feel so erotic too..                

                                   LOVE to all Samantha
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Hi ok that is an interesting concept. I have both thongs for women that I enjoy and thongs for men that for reasons that I need not talk about are very comfortable but I too have had thongs that were not

Unlike most women, I am sorry to say I am not comfortable in thong.. I much rather wear full cut panties, some call it grannies or French Cut panties. Don't get me wrong, I too have a few thongs for special occasions.. I can slip out of them pretty quickly, cut the back T straps with pocket knife and pull them up from waist band of my jeans or whatever I am wearing and I am pantie free.. lol.

I agree. They are comfy and erotic/sexy

The first thong i ever tried on was for women, i have tried others but nothing has come close to fitting me as perfectly as the Vassarette thong, So i still wear and enjoy them.

Yeps I think most of us know... At least I knew I only wear mens styles as underwear 24/7 and also as swimwear.

Do you all know that thongs not only come in women's styles which I know turns us all on but they come in mens styles too. samantha

Thanks for sharing your passion for thongs. I couldn't agree more, so sexy and comfy..