Women's View On Men Wearing Thongs

I'm a man who wears thong underwear made for men. For me it started off as a kinky thing to do once in a while, but then thongs became my regular day-to-day underwear. So, yes, I do find thongs to be comfortable. On the topic of men wearing thongs, one has no trouble buying male thong underwear. This tells me that there's a significant number of men who like to wear thongs, otherwise major underwear makers and specialty shops wouldn't be manufacturing man thongs - and selling them. Many men post questions on the topic of what women think of men wearing thongs. Do a quick Google search using a phrase such as, "should men wear thongs?" or "why do some men wear thongs?" and you'll see for yourself.

What sticks out to me is the reoccurring question on what women think of this practice and whether they like seeing men wearing thongs or not, . It's obvious that thong wearing men place importance in being accepted by women. I can certainly relate. I've seen this sort of question coming from young boys in their early to late teens asking what girls would think all the way to married men in their later years wanting a similar validation.

At this time, from what I've read, assuming all the questions and answers are in earnest, I believe that nearly all women are, in general, turned off by the notion of a man wearing thong underwear. To put an arbitrary number out there, I'll just say 90% of women are completely turned off by men wearing thongs and would have nothing to do with it; they would dump their boyfriends if the issue came up. At least, that's the vibe I get off the internet. A small percentage of women are more accepting saying they don't really care what others do, but they themselves wouldn't want their boyfriends to wear a thong and that this type of underwear on men isn't appealing to them. An even smaller percentage -still- will say that if a man has the right body for a thong then a thong on a man is okay, otherwise they should wear traditional men's underwear, such as boxers or boxer-briefs.

So, that's the result of my personal and informal study on the topic. If you are a woman falling into that last infinitesimally small category then I have a question for you. What is your minimal body fitness level required to make a man in a thong appealing or just plain acceptable?

Consider this to be somewhat of a poll, but add comments as you will. What minimal fitness level (or range) does a man need to have in order to make a thong on their body acceptable to you?

1) fat 2) overweight, belly hanging out 3) 10 pounds overweight 4) skinny boy 5) fit but thin 6) muscular 7) washboard abs 8) professional weightlifter

Answer with the number corresponding to the body type. Send links of pictures if possible (very helpful) and verbalize your thoughts.

Also, should a man shave the following:

A) nothing B)Genital area C)Genital area and bum D)all of the above plus back E)all of the above including legs F)All hair except for face and scalp.

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I LOVE THEM. I'm a married college (female) student, and my husband (24 yrs) loves them as well. He's slightly overweight with a little bit of a belly, but I find that size extremely attractive. I don't want my husband to shave anything, but he's not very hairy to begin with. I wish more women would give man thongs a chance. They seem very comfortable for him & he feels sexy, which I love.

I care about as much whether people think I'm gay as what they think I eat for breakfast. I wear thongs because they feel good to wear. I sometimes wear them around the house because my it delights my beloved baby mommy. I sometimes wear thongs when hiking in warm weather in crowded areas for modesty (my preference is to hike naked but not everyone is 'suited' to understand my personal relationship with nature). I rarely wear underwear but thongs can prevent sticking and misplacement of the 'junk' during certain activities. I have never been close to a female who expressed any negative vibe about me wearing thongs.

I am conflicted. My DH recently started wearing them round the clock. I personally find it to be a major turn off but he is determined to stick to his guns. To me, boxers are sexy and i asked that they be worn (in lieu of lingerie) but thongs he can wear anytime. He responded with it was thongs and only thongs even if that meant i never wore lingerie for him again. We are newly weds so i think this is even more of an issue bc it is a long life to not have any compromise on the matter. As i said, it is such a turn off and i am trying to figure out how to overcome this issue on my end. This is why i am on this page. Any advice?
Please excuse typeos, I'm using my phone.

Why does it have to be such a big deal?
I wear them sometimes(that is when i wear underwear), and my wife also hates them.
She is old fashioned if you will.
She will not even wear thongs her self, because she thinks only slutts wear them.
I told her that if i could see them all the time on her, i would probably stop wearing them.
I think that is part of the reason we like them so much, due to how sexy they make the female body!
So, if you do not wear them, i say you go buy a bunch of really tiny sexy, yet comfortable thongs and maybe some sexy boy-shorts, and go from there!
Anyway, let me know if that helps, or what you guys latest status is?

I'm only 23 and I've always been fascinated with thongs. I always loved to see girls wearing thongs. When I was younger I decided to try them on myself. Since then I've always loved to wear thongs. And this was before I knew they made thongs for men. So I used to buy women's thongs and wear them. I found thongs for men at Kmart and starting wearing those. I love men thongs even more. I still feel awkward wearing thongs around people I know so usually I dont. But in the general public I'm totally comfortable. I was still shy about people actually seeing. But one time when I was in the store wearing jeans and bent over to get something and my shirt came up and my thong was totally exposed. There was a women right behind me and by her reaction when I looked at her I knew she saw my thong. But since then I've grown not to care if my thing slips out and people happen to see. It's happened accidentally a few times. I love wearing men thongs and women's thongs (that fit me right). There are very comfortable and I feel sexy in them. It's the underwear of my choice. If you like wearing thongs (mens or women's) you wear them

I'm also curious on what women think. If anyone knows about sites that have women discussing their opinions about men wearing thongs, I'd like to know

I would say about 90%-95% of comments that i have read from women, are about how they hate thongs on men, and think it is gross!
I love to wear them, but my wife hates them, and thinks it is gay.

Are you gay? The reason i ask is because i love to wear men's thongs, but i feel like people will think i am gay if they knew it, and i am totally straight and love looking at pics of curvaceous women in sexy little thongs!
I am married and there is absolutely nothing about the male body turns me on, and hate the idea, that just because i want to wear sexy comfortable cool underwear, people will think i am gay!
My wife doesn't even like for me to wear them. I thought she would be turned on by the idea, but i was wrong?

I'm totally straight. It's just a type of underwear. It doesn't decide your sexual preference. Many people aren't open minded

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why is it that men are answering the questions that are being asked of women. I want to know what women think , not that you actually wear any type of panties. It is as if you are looking for a dating site.

I've been wearing thongs for years it was usually females as it was readily available in shops. I was conscious about it as it was females until I found out u can get a wide selection of thongs and g-strings for men.but the down side is their 3 times as expensive than women's thongs . And I wear mens thongs now and I don't care who knows as I just say there mens. I feel sexy in them. I'm fairly fit I lift weights and run. I'm not big but for 38 I'm in shape. I find most other underwear uncomfortable.

It makes me happy that people more and more realise that it's not about your own judgements as it doesn't make any sense to judge other people. You can only form an opinion based on you're own thoughts. I've read so many responses from people (on other websites) who find men in thongs 'disgusting' and even people who say 'men should not wear thongs'. Seriously? I just don't understand how you can asume that your own limited view on other people should be the standard for everyone.

People are posting that they are feeling happy to wear thongs. And other people are responding by saying they shouldn't wear that. How in hell? If it makes someone happy to do anything, why in hell should you be judgemental about that? Did they hit you? Did they do anything wrong? You should be happy for anyone who does anything that makes him / her happy.

I wear thongs every now and then and it makes me feel sexy. Also, when worn under jeans, I think it's such a sexy, gracefully, charming look. I just love it when men are brave enough to get rid of the society opinions on what should be men only and what should be women only. Express yourself and make yourself happy!

And since when is it important to say that only men with beautifull slim and muscled bodies can wear thongs? Are there any rules in the law I should be aware of? You can wear whatever you want so why are you so offended by the choices other people make because it makes them happy? Please explain, because my brains just did not get that/ At all.

Of course, I've got preferences to, but my biggest perference is that anybody van do anything that makes him / her happy. As long as you don't hurt anybody, keep doing it! If it makes you happy, you feel good. And when you feel good, you can make other people happy.

Excuse me if I made any mistakes spelling wise, I'm Dutch.

Love to you all!

I am a women and I find it sexy when a man wears a thong. I like skimpy, sexy thongs., the barely there kind. My husband wears these clear-lined thongs (Like the ones found at www.E-kini.com )Those are so sexy! My Favorite!

Im amarried guy age 39 with kids and wear thongs everyday. I find them the most cpmfy inderwear i have ever worn.

Anyone, male or female, who thonks that thongs are uncomfortable has either never worn one and is just going by the fact that there is material between the cheeks or they have worn a thong which doesn't fit. If you have ever worn any clothes at all which don't fit, well it's going to be uncomfortable, so why would thongs be any different in that respect?
I have worn thongs and no other underwear for over a year now and apart from the more "adventurous" ones which I bought for a laugh they are all completely comfortable even for long periods of time. In fact, even the adventurous ones are more r less fine but you have to arrange yourself into them.
Anyway, so how do I think they look? Just another type of underwear really except the cheeks are on show.
And what does my wife think? She doesn't really get it and thinks they look silly. However, she doesn't in any way actively disapprove. Our marriage is much deeper than my choice of underwear. Maybe I should start working out regularly (sadly lapsed a few years ago) so that I could show off my toned glutes to her. ;-)

1B. My boyfriend is a bear. Love his belly and ***. Love the hair on his body and ***. But shaving the genitals makes activities easier. Love seeing him in sexy peekaboo men's lingerie.

Just started wearing men's thongs 2 weeks ago & it feels great. Wife isn't too sure about it yet, but she'll grow to like it. Just ordered a 8 piece bulk of cocksox pouch under wear for men's bulge, 8 pairs for $16 (cocksox underwear aren't cheap on other sites like eBay). Go to aliexpress.com for cheap thongs.

Sir, you didn't mention us women who generally appreciate a man who is confident enough to wear a thong. What is your guess on that percentage? Bodytype is really a side note for me...I am attracted to a man's confidence. I would argue that you are as sexy as you feel and wearing a thong surely adds to that, thus exuding confidence...just as is so for women. Body type is really a side note. As far as shaving goes, everyone appreciates a clean shave. Not bare, necessarily.

I am a 44 year old man and have been wearing thongs for about two years. What started my experimenting with thongs was after we moved to Florida and i found my underwear getting soaked while doing yard work. So I stopped wearing underwear for a couple weeks. Cargo shorts and no underwear equals no support at all. So I tried jock straps. And well my wife complained about the waste band riding up. I really didn't care because it was cooler. One night while searching for an alternative to jock straps I found the Calvin Klein mens thongs. So I said what the hell and I ordered a pair. After trying that first pair I soon realized that they were the most comfortable pair of underwear I had ever tried. Boxers have no support, I hated the wedgies with tighty whities, boxer briefs; both cotton and moisture wicking ride up my thighs and instead of having to deal with a wedgie I'd be having to pull them down on my legs.In short; thongs give the support I want and keep me cooler. The stigma of you must be gay or something to like having a thong in your butt crack is a total crock of &$?!. And whoever would think that or say that needs to check their own sexuality. You don't even know it's there. If every guy would have to wear a thong for a week...well I would buy stock in every manufacturer that made mens thongs because they would be flying off the shelves!

I wear thongs and find them to be quite comfortable. I've been wearing them for about 6 years or so. I wear briefs or thongs. I tried the boxer briefs but they don't feel and look as good plus the don't support me at all. Also the legs tend to ride up and during the summer they can make me hot. I wore boxers when I was a teenager and always hated that they would ride up and I would constantly have to pull them back down.

Thongs are great. I tell people I wear them because there comfortable. I really don't care what women think of them as I too have had the experience that the majority of woman don't like men in thongs. They see it as a gay thing or some kind of male revue/s.t.r.i.p.p.e.r thing or only allowed for hot male celebrities. In my experience and from what I have seen around the net, most woman like the air of mystery when it comes to a guys package. Which is why most woman prefer guys to wear board shorts instead of swimming briefs or swimming trunks/short shorts/boy shorts. But I enjoy the swimming trunks/short shorts/boy shorts and swimming briefs.. I find it really stupid that woman are allowed to wear sexy things like thongs but for a guy its considered a no no.

Basically what I'm getting at is that woman won't show off there sexuality like us men do. We men tend to be more vocal with our sexuality and express it more. Men love watching p.o.r.n or watching woman get naked such as on cam sites but woman don't do the same thing. Majority of woman tend to not like watching p.o.r.n or guys on cam, so if a guy gets on cam the majority of people he is gonna get watching his cam are gay guys. Basically if a guy asks a woman if she wants to see his penis, they either don't care or say no and think were weird, stupid, horny freaks, ect. But woman don't have to ask guys if we want to see them, we just ask to see them naked. But yet at the same time, I get woman telling me that they are just as sexual as men which is very hard to believe. Woman should change their attitudes about sexuality and not keep it such a taboo topic or keep it like an underground secret society thing or make it out to be a bad/weird/gay, ect. thing. They should be more open to guys being sexy and seeing guys naked and seeing guys in thongs, ect. Will this ever change? Probably not. It's funny how up until the 1990's before the popularity of the board shorts men wore short shorts and swim briefs. Now if a man were to wear them, they are either gay or really weird and woman tend to stay away from those guys. They are not considered sexy anymore.

I am a man who loves wearing thongs. I find them very comfy to wear they give me the support i need and i feel sexy wearing them i recently told my girl friend she didn't have a problem. I cycle allot so I'm fairly athletic.

hmmm I didn't realize my post would be censored. *** = butt

I have no problem with men wearing thongs. I would personally find it unappealing if that man was very overweight or had a belly that protruded beyond his package - I think that's where I'd draw the line, the line for "acceptable" that is... in order to cross into appealing, the man must, first and foremost, have a nice ***, and beyond that must be thin or fit.
My ex husband was a wrestler in high school and was always very thin, but well toned. Jeans were a 28 or 29 x 30 for reference. He wore boxers, boxer briefs, and thongs. Some of his jeans had more of a slim fit through the thigh and it was simply more comfortable for him to not have lots of extra fabric to tuck in.
We also usually didn't wear much clothing around the house, and a thong allowed him to keep stuff supported but still not be very clothed. He also had a very nice ***, one I rather enjoyed seeing. He never wore women's underwear, that would have been a turn off for me. This wasn't about cross dressing or anything, it was just wearing a different style of men's underwear.
Personally, I think the sexiest look for a man is black boxer briefs and black socks, that's it, but he rocked the thong quite well and the underwear models seem to too.
Until reading this, it hadn't really occurred to me that not all women think the way I do. Whatev, to each his own. If you like thongs, wear them.

I have done alot of research on this as wll and have found much the same things! Even in talking to many of the girls I know they do not like the idea of a man in a thong, but if i show them a pic of a buff guy in a thong, they love it! Girls tend to tell me if they have the right body they can pull it off. From my own thong experiences with ladies. Some have laughed and have been thrown off buy it and one who have liked my thongs, REALLY liked them! I too would also like to know what girls think about guys in thongs and their reasoning. I have converted a few to "realizing" they like them, some just are not sold tho and I wanna know why.

I got into an argument with my roommate when he found out I wear thongs because he sees them as feminine and wouldn't listen to anything I said about how comfortable they are because they support my junk with less fabric. He wouldn't get how "butt floss" could be comfortable probably due to the fact that wedgies aren't comfortable, but wearing a thong feels nothing like a wedgie because it's way less fabric so it hardly feels like anything is there at all. Like wearing a hat, you forget it's there. Boxers don't provide any support and I still get wedgies with briefs. I think the only reason thongs are considered feminine is because most people are conditioned to think girls are meant to be sexy and guys aren't and that thongs are only for sex appeal.

I'm a man and I absolutely 'love' wearing thongs: both male and female versions. I feel so liberated and sexy.

I actually wear thongs on a daily basis. I just love the way they fit. They seem to keep me in place better and they dont ride up like some other styles of underwear. I tried boxer briefs for the longest time, but they tend to bunch up and cause me issues. Anywho, I'm not to concerned what others think about my thong wearing as long as I am comfortable .

To me it is a personal choice and what others think about it is not really important.

Im a man i wear them all the time. Girls have laughed at me i dnt think im gods gift but atleast i feel confident to wear them. Wat ever size of body u have wear them just dnt b too hairy

I love wearing women thongs, and I sometimes feel why is there a difference of underwear b/w men and women — its a personal choice, and a person should be given all freedom to wear what he/she is comfortable with. I feel I have a nice body, and I carry the thong well. I do admire myself wearing thongs, and love the sensation when the bums are touching each other and the pants.

Good that you're doing whatever you makes you feel sexy. I also wear mn and women thongs. For me, the difference is the extra space for a mens genitals on the front side. That's quite comfortable. On the other hand, for women, there is so much choice that I can't resist some of them thongs, they are sexy.

Enjoy wearing them!

talk about narrow mindedness.. so women shouldn't degrade men for wearing thongs.. but its ok to degrade an overweight man for wearing one.. hypocritical thinking like this is why men cant openly wear thongs in the first place.. i have respect for overweight women that have enuff self confidence to wear provocative clothing such as a thong.. why cant men get the same treatment.. besides.. what makes u more qualified to wear a thong than me.. just cuz u can crack a chestnut with ur a** and I cant dont mean ur d!ck is bigger than mine.. if u dont like it.. dont look.

Damn right!

I'm a man and I wear nothing but thongs to work during my workouts I do compete in bodybuilding competitions in my workouts I wear fitness tights don't like the underwear outlines thongs prevent that look not being conceited but I do have very muscular body its my business of what I wear more importantly my wife loves me in thongs she buys them for me whenever she shops for thongs for herself I do prefer women's thongs over men's just are made to feel more comfortable and sexier and my package fits just as good or better then men's I am bigger then average women and men who say men shouldn't are either fat,out of shape or are more concerned what others think of what they wear I do what makes me feel and look good as long as my wife loves me in thongs is all that matters

Amen and bravo!
I agree!!

Way to go! And how cool that you're wife loves it and even buys the female ons for you. Independant thinking, a wife to keep!

As a M/F couple, we have very positive thoughts about thongs, we have no other underwear in our house, for the woman AND the man: showing your bare *** is simply exciting and covering it up is fully useless if you're above the age of a baby! We do count jockstraps in this category, these maybe at least as comforable for men as thongs or g-strings. We must admit in the first place that we are nudists, we love to be naked and when wearing underwear at all, this should be kept to a minimum. Secondly, we like the thongs because they look so sexy (provided all hair in the region is removed). For that reason, we often wear thongs in clubs or at parties, not as underwear but as the only thing we wear... Nothing wrong with thongs, there is the ever-occurring idea of it being a typical gay piece of clothing, quite ridiculous, it's sexy for any man. Our favorites are very skimpy seetrough strings, you're really nude and only suggesting to wear something!

i am a average guy. i started with boxer. i ended up with sticky balls syndrome which awfully uncomfortable. i ended up having rashes between both legs and testicles. then i change to bikini underwear with full rear coverage. however sweat build up by my rear to my balls. i ended up having rashes also. so the last resort i look for a thong. it fits me well but then again i have some minor uncomfortable by my anus. once i get use to adjust upon wearing. it was very extremely comfortable. as time goes i get used to it with no more discomfort. so from this day till now i stick to right men's thong.

I've heard about this before. I'm glad to hear that men's thongs are the solution for you.

European and Latin American women are way more open to admire the male body and the use of thongs by males. Try a search in spanish and you will find out. Some reasons for the strong rejection of male thongs in US:
1- The majority of US women grew up into self-ertosim, which prevents them actually from admiring the male body.
2- Hypocrisy dictates that erotism is not a male quality.
3- Obesity.
4- Male insecurity translates into degrading other males.

they make me feel horny which is something I like.I'm wearing one now


Well, that's why we need to wear thongs all the time and encourage others to wear thongs. The internet has been very helpful with spreading the word.

i only wear Hom Plume2 Strings.... very comfortable and makes my butt look hot.<br />
i'm fully lasered around pubic area, balls, crunker (between balls and anus), anus and butt crack.<br />
i'm also totally straight but like looking and feeling sexy.

I wear thongs a couple times a week to sleep and/or exercise in. When I first tried thongs, I went straight for women's thongs. They are made of great materials and there are so many different colors and styles for whatever mood you're in. Plus, it's just flat out fun to wear and shop for female thongs. I hope to one day be wearing thongs all the time but want to get in better shape and get my significant other over the hump of acceptance. Finally, I am an enormous fan of Hanky Panky and understand from firsthand experience why women are so loyal to the Hanky Panky brand. On Gossamer gets honorable mention; their gossamer mesh is an extraordinary material.

I have been wearing the Ballz-out thongs from GoodDevil for about 2 years now. My wife has found a pair of these in the laundry once, and she placed then in my underwear drawer, but she never mentioned it to me and she has never seen me in them either. I won't wear any other kind now. These are just so comfortable. I don't see a problem with men wearing thongs.

Well, hell, from now on I'd just start wearing your thong all the time 24/7.

My experiences are much different then most guys it seems. I have only had one gf that said no to me wearing women thongs, but she liked me to wear guy thongs and would always be buying them for me. I did follow her wishes and wore them but I have to say I still found the female thongs more comfy. All the others did not mind or loved my panty wearing and got an extra thrill when we wore matching thongs. And I should point out that the vast majority of them never knew or saw a panty/thong wearing guy until they met me. <br />
<br />
For me it is 3 to 7 and F

I only wear thongs made for me. However, some thongs for men are very girly. For example check out my review of Gregg Homme's Command Thong http://www.manthongreview.com/2011/10/gregg-homme-commando-thong-87504/

I started wearing thongs on a whim in 2007. I am 50 but in great shape, exercise every day, no pain no gain type. I just ordered 12 more thongs from Fresh pair today. ;-)

It's my theory that most women are basically idiots when it comes to men's bodies. I don't think most of them fully appreciate them--which to me is crazy. I should think a woman would love seeing a man dressed in just about anything--or undressed for that matter. In fact, the closer to the latter the condition the better, or so it would seem to me. Women who "hate" men in thongs have a stick up their butts and have this idea that their body--the women's body, that is--is all that really matters. This is crazy, selfish thinking. There ARE a few women who have their heads on straight--I assure you. A good looking man in a thong is a WOW for me. I might come close to swallowing my tongue if I came across one unawares. Make mine a 3, 5, 6, 7, or 8 (and a 4 too if he isn't REALLY skinny). And a B.<br />
<br />
Sheesh! I just noticed. Almost all the answers are from men. Women are nuts--I'm telling you!

That's a good point you make regarding who gains more attention to their body, him or her. I never thought of this before. In the context of relationships you must be willing to compromise. Anyway, thanks for your comment.

Thanks Jennylake222, I agree. I'm glad to see a woman like you who appreciates good looking men, just as we men appreciate attractive ladies.


I love thongs man!

I am a male, and I have been wearing thongs for over 25 years. I started in college and have been wearing them ever since. I started to wear them under my swimsuit, and I liked how they held everything in place. My girlfriend at the time said she liked them and I started to wear them full time. Now I can not imagine not waering them.

That's a great story. Thanks for sharing!

I had a gf once when coming home from a night out confessed she wanted me to wear a thong for her, she thought they were so sexy on guys. So I did the right thing I placed one on, it felt strange at first but got used to it. My current GF when she found out she was more than ok with it, I'm not the most in shape person but she says my *** looks sexy in them lol but I'm happy she's happy who else really matters lol plus don't wear them all the time just certain times.

I wear men's g string idc wat anyone thinks man or woman if u dont like don't look that's all

my Girlfriend actually turned my old fetish back on haha. i always wore thongs at first as a fetish then it became pure comfort. my girlfriend actually bought me mens thongs and wanted me to wear them for her, also she suggested i try her panties on, i think she may also have a feish for men in thongs lol, so its wrking out great for me! i am truly lucky to not even have to have the conversation just to have a girl say "ya! i want you to wear mens thongs" its good because i think that convo can only go a few ways, in my opinion if your partner cant get pass the underwear you wear then thats a sign for things to come in life in regards to bigger problems relationships may have...

Good luck to you Vengash! I am sure you will succeed. If you think about it, G-string for women only came in to fashion sometime in the late 80s, early 90s. It took for many women quite some time before they started wearing G-strings. For men, we probably go through the same process. Give it some time. I am sure though that soon, many men will wear thongs and G-strings and it will be completely accepted by all.<br />

It is a personal goal of mine to make man thongs totally acceptable in the world! That's why I started my man thong site - to bring awareness to the general public! Fit men and clean shaven men look just fine in thongs just as fit and clean shaven women look fine in their thongs!

Hi Vengash... Your question is very well put. The sales of Male thongs must grow. Simply because you see them more and more in the shops. If you believe the several websites and online shops, more guys seem to buy thongs. My ex girlfriend bought one once for me. I got hooked. They are just great to wear. My new girlfriend didn't like them at all in the beginning, but some how got used to it. This is the point with many new things. Especially with regards to fashion. So, with more and more guys wearing thongs and hopefully more positive news from some opinion leaders like sport stars or other celebrities about male thongs, I hope that soon a thong for men is as accepted as a simple boxer.

5F here ...

a google search doesn't count as formal. you need to have empirical data to prove your point. you didn't give any stats and never told us what articles you allegedly read

You misread what I wrote. Read it again.