Thongs Are Comfortable And Cool

I always liked seeing girls in thongs, and had always been curious about the way they felt. So one day after drinking a bit i went to Wal-mart and bout a couple of pairs of Vassarette micro-fiber thongs in the womens section. I went home and tried them on and i was extreemley impressed at how much i liked they way they fit. It's about 13 years later and i still buy and wear the same ones. I live in the Carabbean and it is much cooler wearing a thong, and it's very comfortable. I am a guy and i love wearing my thongs!!!!

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2010

kiwoo,<br />
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i go to the beaches of phuket, been in a thong on langkawi and also in Mexico at playa del carmen and tulum.

Its the curiosity that got me as well. Everything about the thong excited me in ways unimaginable, and i wanted to try one on. After i tryed it on, i couldnt believe how comfortable they were... and was hooked ever since.

I alos loved how women looked in a thong and one night i saw a couple of male strippers on tv wearing a thong. The girls went all crazy so i knew that they made them for men also. The next day after work i went to a lingerie store that sold the hom fredy string, bought one and after having tried it i fell in love and changed almost all my underwear for thongs. My beachwear now is also almost complete swapped with swimthongs. <br />
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I'm very happy i have met a girl that loves me in my thongs and loves to go to the beach with me in a thong, so we can both layout in a thong and get a nice tanned butt.