Intensely Romantic

I live in a region where thunderstorms are common. I welcome them. True, I hate when they make the power go out, what a pain in the ***, but that happens I just light up the oil lamps or enjoy the spectacle in the dark. I tend to go outside on the deck to watch and listen. I love it, especially at night, when they come at night I go outside to watch, unless I'm with a partner, and then just I crack open the bedroom windows so we can better hear the rain pattering against the house, the crack of the lightning, and the rumbling of the thunder. I find it to be very romantic if not erotic. The intensity of a violent thunder storm is breathtaking.

neonshades neonshades
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3 Responses Mar 14, 2010

Wow oh they are very sensual, erotic, and euphoric oh yeah no power just candles the perfect lovemaking situation nothing better

I was scared shitless of them as a little kid but have come to love them.

Texas has the best thunderstorms! They can get very scary really fast but I still love them!