Horrors! Look Away!

Seeing a man in tighty whities horrifies me.  Think John Goodman, Peter Griffin, Erkel, or McLovin’ and you get the picture.  Any man who drops his trousers to reveal this appalling fashion faux pas deserves every freaked out look he gets.   

If my husband pulled such a *****, ahem, I mean blunder, I would consider filing papers stating irreconcilable differences and emotional and mental abuse.  (There should be visual abuse included in these matters, as well.)  

If any of my male friends here are sporting these awful things, please don’t tell me.  Let me be safe and happy with my mental picture of you so we can continue being friends.  Instead, go to confession, then do your partner a favor and go home and remove and replace them.  Just don’t replace them with a speedo.


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That made me giggle for some reason. They only make tight whities for the little guys unless they changed things recently. I do like the underoos. They're cute. I would think the first jock strap would be embarrassing for any adolescent. That brings me to another thought: Why do they make jockstraps sooo ugly??

Why do mothers buy those TWs for their boys anyway? When the guys grow up that is all he knows, and by then, his balls have been so supported that they hurt when they hang like God intended. I remember having to go shopping with my mom for a jock strap when I went into 7th grade and they were a gym requirement. That was not enjoyable, mom knew nothing about them and I was embarrassed.

Okay...why are tighty whities so bad? I wear them every now and then. Mostly colored briefs, but c'mon...aren't we being a little harsh...I'm thin...and they work on me.

oh yeah that extra la<x>yer of fabric makes a big difference........not!!!

OMG, Nyxie! You're so funny. I'm guffawing over here! I'll have to change his username to NuclearBallz!

Nothing says romance like balls glowing through the sheets.

The rump roast ones are hilarious. They have 2 moose sitting around a campfire cooking their dinner. Rump is on one cheek and roast is on the other. Our daughter bought him some boxers with glow in the dark baseballs. Those were crazy! You could see them through the sheets!

Ah, another girl with easy access on her mind. I knew I liked you! <br />
<br />
Oh, and Ballz's names for "manly options" nearly made me spew tea through my nose. And I'd pay to see him in those "Rump Roast" boxers.

I'll take tighty whities over baggy boxers any day. But I prefer my men in boxer briefs.

Confession: ballz has boxers with baseballs all over them, one pair with pigs, and another that says Rump Roast on the butt. They're not hot, but they're hilarious and I'm the one who purchased them. I've never bought him tighty whities. Another confession: I like the commando choice in the summer when he's wearing shorts. It's the ease of access thing.

i prefer boxer briefs not too baggy but not so short lol

Mewold, <br />
<br />
Do you know the joke about the potatoes and the bathingsuit?

mewold, STOP! That's so wrong! Just a terrible, terrible visual! botable has my sympathy. *hands mewold his towel* Now cover yourself up!

When I wear a thong, I wear it backwards. That is much more comfortable for me and it lets the boys breathe.

This is just tooooo funny.

I like boxers on a man. Better access. ;)

XO! Ewww! A thong on a man is just so wrong! The speedos are bad enough. Chris, you should have at least wedgied him, but that would have required some dexterity and timing on your part.

I used to live at a lake. We had a party and were all outside swimming. My older brother walked out of the house wearing speedo's. At the time, he was a little over weight and had really long hair. I just wanted to kick his *** right then and there... hehe

I did too, MissB, at one time.

You know, boobie, tiny whities are just one step up from the tighties. I might make an exception to the speedo rule if it was a pro-diver since it's an occupational thing.

Boxer briefs, the tight ones.

Ewwww! mewold, that's just wrong. Stop looking at me like that! At least you're wearing a shirt.

Never use the word stool in mixed company when you are naked. And never use a white towel.

Sara, I think you may have a case of PTSD after seeing so many tight whities. Thus, the change to something sexy.<br />
<br />
Chris, your nekkidness is why I said sweeet! I hope you're not sitting down anywhere unless you have a towel. But then, how could you in that lampshade? Um, you might want to lower it a bit. Just sayin'...

I'm at the end of my laundry cycle right now. I'm not normally nekkid... ;p

Ha, ha! I think I knew Chris was naked under there! You didn't ask me first....<br />
<br />
(Hmmm... so you think maybe if some of my bfs had been wearing boxer briefs instead of tighty whities I might not have gone les? Wow.)

MYO! I was nekkid dammit! hehe

Boxer briefs are hot. They don't bag and the lumps are all in the right places.

Which are you hiding under that lampshade? <br />
*Myo peeks* Oh, sweeet!

Bring on the boxer briefs! They are the only men's underwear I personally find to be sexy as hell... Hmmm... Yum :)

The tighty whitey's do suck. Boxer or boxer brief is the only way to go...

I know you did dear, but some people around here have dirty minds.<br />
<br />
Gotta go. My patient awaits.

Oh, Sara... :/<br />
<br />
ONO, I knew that.

And for those who read that fast...mastication is the process of chewing.

OK, wash it after mopping up milk, grease, stool......<br />
<br />
Now I have a concern about going out to dinner with you and masticating in public.

I may prefer women, (and I DO!), but i've seen more than my share of guys in states of undress. TWs are more my style I guess. NOT THONGS... just regular old TW briefs. Boxers always just seemed... I don't know... baggy.

Except I know where it's been. And you said stool.<br />
<br />
Oh, and do you continue sitting on that thing after you've mopped up milk and bacon grease? Tighty whities are beginning to look a little better...

Thank you for clarifying which gets draped over the arm. Grin. <br />
<br />
Towel can remain on the stool, or wherever you have been sitting. Just hold it, set it on the floor, used as a hot mit when you pick a hot pot off the stove, used to put out bacon grease fires, used to mop up the spill left by the homeowner when she turns around with the gallon of milk and discovers there is a naked man standing in her kitchen. So many uses you see.

Sara, no wonder you like women!<br />
ONO, you still didn't tell me what you do with the towel when you're standing around swinging free in someone's kitchen. Do you hold it in your hand or drape it over your arm? The towel, I mean.<br />
Boxer briefs are not anything like tighty whities. Tighty whities are fashioned after diapers and large men look like Baby Huey in them. XO

No, tighties can not claim to be sexy at all. Thongs can be sexy. So can letting the boys swing free. I guess thongs are the socially acceptable way to go commando, feel the breeze on your cheeks....<br />
<br />
And as for the towel, that is only for nudists who are nude. Who wants to sit where someones naked *** has been. It is like sharing undies. Hence the towel to cover the surface to be sat upon. Just like pants which cover panties with lots of butt covering fabric. That sounds like Grannies. That is not what I mean.

Ha, ha... funny. But, strange to say, I always preferred men in tighty whities. I really never ever liked boxers!

Lilt, comment away. If you have to confess on their behalf, so be it. But for heaven's sake, you should guide them away from the Nerd World. <br />
Sorry, ONO, but who wants to carry a towel around with them? And where do you put it when you're just hanging, er, standing around? Thongs serve no purpose, really, other than they're sexy. Tighty whities can never claim that.

Remember Sinefeld? Kramer announces he has learned about Commando. Jerry is upset there is "only one la<x>yer between me and you?"<br />
<br />
Hey, atleast it is covered. And a good nudist will set on a towel when he is nude. Thongs do not cover much more than a person going commando. <br />
<br />
And as far as tighty whities go....... right there with Grannie Panties.

Commando has its place, but not on my sofa, thank you.

I am using every bit of will power to not comment at this point, as a woman that lives with 4 males.

Hahahahaha! "You wouldn't be allowed to plant yourself down anywhere in my house." Amen, sister. That's just nasty.

Your avatar and username are as scary as tighty whities.

who wears that anymore??? that's been out for decades. Camando or some kind of boxer....but never a white in color

Better than a speedo, but you wouldn't be allowed to plant yourself down anywhere in my house.

Instead of tighty whiteys, I wear naughty nothings.

Underoos are awesome.

Even my 7year old has the sense to at least wear them with SpongeBob on the rump.