Precisely Why I'm Not A "phone Person"

I don't want them to hear my sadness.... or unenthusiasm. I could greatly want to talk to someone.... but if I'm not in high spirits, I won't talk to them.. I don't want to bring anybody down. That's why I didn't answer the phone for the one I "claim" I love tonight....  Her mom just passed away... and I'm not going to talk to her until I'm in a better place within myself. The same goes for my friends and family. I don't want them to hear the tone in my voice.  I'm not that great with "detail"....So it's hard for me to distinguish tones...unless they are really obvious. Sometimes it doesn't hit me until after the conversations over, I'll analyze the words and try to remember how things were said... go back and forth with how they were meant. I feel too exposed when someone can tell how I feel by the tone in my voice... I wish there was a way to hide it.... but just like the eyes, the tone doesn't lie.

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4 Responses Mar 15, 2010

Thank you :) I am starting to get a clearer vision. You are so right moreandless.... Everything we DO and DO NOT do shows our complete self. Very deep thought for me today. <br />
I appreciate the comments. :)

I am hard of hearing so I dislike phones and you are right, tones are very discernable. <br />
I hope you get feeling better soon.

touching story, thank you : )

The tone doesn't lie indeed, but the fact is that we simply can't hide. Everything we do shows our complete self. And when we lie, it shows that we are lieing. True, a voice is a fingerprint that changes all the time.