Sharing Tony With Gdgtgrl You Got to Love Him

The passion Tony, aka Smoke, has is enthralling. Avenging 

he  drives with no holds barred...


. . .Smoke is coming and he is bringing he11 with him!!


  While watching Smoke drive, I am on the edge of

my seat, my attention only on him and that #20 orange

car, oblivious to others around me.  My friend Tina told me

once sometimes it is more fun watching me and the things I

do while entranced on Smoke.


   I love this mans passion for racing, his eagerness with

which he drives, the assuredness he will win!! For in my

 heart I know that he drives with no doubt that the

checkered flag will be his by the end of the race.


   He11  to pay if you put him in the wall, spin him out or even

bump his car, for his temper will flare, all up in the face of the

one who wronged him. 'Bad Boy', image my a55,  he is the

official 'Bad Boy' on that track, and ohh how I wish I  could

have seen him slap 'that other fellow', what was his name



   To see him succeed in winning the race, climbing out of

that #20 car sweet rolling from his forehead smiling that

sexy smile, but what got my awe was to watch him climb

that chain link fence to the top and get HIS flag for his


   The highlight of the day is not the win of the day it is

actually: THE HE11 OF A RACE!! If you just come in to see

who won the race  then you have missed the best part,

all the adrinalin all the tension. . .

.. . . if you love NASCAR  such as I, all of the

passion of the race " the win "

is not what the race is all about

the win is just the added bonus for doing

that which Tony loves to do best, race his heart out.


. . .gdgtgrl I so am asking you to share your man with me!!

You know there is enough of him to go around, you can have

him clean shavin  and good, I'll take him when he is rough

rugged looking and being bad!!!









Sharona Sharona
41-45, F
6 Responses Jul 17, 2008

Too cool!

Girl you know I will be right there with you, by the way Tony <br />
<br />
and I share the same b-day, having fun the way real <br />
<br />
rednecks do!!! Them redneck boys wont know what hit<br />
<br />

As much fun as it is watching - I want to be there. I want to enjoy the experience, the whole thing. I want to talk to Tony, Jeff Gordon (same bday as me) et al and just have fun! Serious redneck fun

You think it fun to watch me from home, you should see me at the race track!! :)

Gdgtgrl: my sexy, hot, wonderful friend - Tony does have a <br />
<br />
big heart. All the good he does I love that the most, for he <br />
<br />
doesn't do it for the bragging rights but because he cares.

Sharona: my hot mama - there is enough Tony for 2. You pretty much said it, the man is the bad boy of NASCAR. He's bold, sexy and FAAST. It's that good stuff he does off the track I like too though. <br />
<br />