I sit around and make elaborate lists and plans and think and research the best way to do things.  I get nothing done.  It is unfortunate.
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I'm ex-security & my older cousins were a Colonel, a Wing Commander & a Navy Commandert<br />
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So if ya need galvanising into action, young lady ...

I get too much satisfaction from getting around to making the list, sadly I hardly get to cross anything off ...

Tumblin - you better get runnin' over to that passport office!!! LOL New Years is a-comin'!!!

I try not make lists anymore.. I find that I was only disapointing myself. If you have the time to do the things but just don't feel like doing answer is simple ....slow and sleady.......bit by cannot all be done in one day.....(I used to think that it could be and would only disapoint myself for not finishing what I'd started so i'd just give up.... I hope that now you are able to achieve more for yourself.

Me too. I sit at this computer and just read and comment, etc. etc.

I feel ya. I have lots of things in my lfe that I plan to do, want to do, think about doing, but don't get done. And they are things I really want to do but I haven't yet been able to get myself over the hump. There is only so much time every day and it's hard to fit everything in. But I could sure fit in more if I didn't sit at this computer every day.