Today I Will Climb a Mountain!!!, I have way to much laundry to do. I know "Today I will clean out the garage!!! :D...OH MY it's worse then I thought! maybie I will just clean up the yard a little after lunch today. What's for lunch? I will make something great for lunch but I have to clean up the kitchen first.

I have a million things to do..I can sit here and plan out my day and aspire to do great things with my life but seems all I ever do is "think" about doing them. once I get to actually doing them I always think of something else I want or should do. Only to find myself doing it again the next day..or the next day..and the next. I really need a good kick in the butt!! :)

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Well i can relate to this for sure. If all i had to do was think, by now, i'd be something extraordinary Lol I always have great ideas and plans but actually doing them, thats another story. There always seems to be something else to think about.