It's Not A Good Idea.

I was the one that walked away.
I was tired of remembering those rumors about both me and you.
It started with the ones about me, with those 13 castmates of yours saying I cheated on you with one of my best friends.
I never did that. And I told you so.
You said you would fight for me.
I never felt that ever happened, not after what happened after we broke up.
After I walked away from you, rather.
You tell my friends that I was the one that cheated on you, and they call you out on it, saying that they knew all along I never did.
You even went so far as to tell 2 strangers (who were my friends) all this about me.
It never works for very long does it?
I'm with that best friend now, and he's treating me so much better. I mean, he and I went on a few dates within our almost 5 months, and in our 10 months we never did.
He even brought me a dozen roses on our first date to win me over.
And yet part of me wants to still be your friend.
I know I shouldn't want to, but I do.
I know the crap that's going on with your sick father. It sucks to hear about it.
I wish I could be there for you, but I can't.
I feel like because I walked away from you, our friendship is ruined.
I wish I could fix it... but it doesn't feel right.
BlueRoseMusical BlueRoseMusical
18-21, F
Nov 27, 2012