The Trap Of Overthinking

I overthink EVERYTHING. Analyze every conversation, and sometimes have even been guilty of laying in bed at night creating conversations in my head that will most likely never occur in real life. No one really sees that side of me. On the face of it, I'm an easy going, care free person. You can't help the way your mind works. You are who you are. The key is learning to accept that. For a while I used to literally send myself crazy with the over-thinking of every aspect of my life. I used to worry about worrying. And if I didn't have anything to worry about, I'd worry about not worrying. Pretty bleak, right? But in a way, I've discovered a positive aspect of the somewhat negative personality trait. Because I think about every possible scenario that might occur with every situation that comes my way, I always feel prepared for the worst. If the worst happens, its cool, I already thought about what I would do if that happened. To those people who sail through life with the easy going spring in thier step, I do envy you. But for the time being, torturing myself with constant thoughts proves to be a comfort to me. I'm ready to handle what ever life decides to throw at me.
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1 Response Nov 29, 2012

I am somehow an overthinker but wow, you are beyond my overthinking!
Preparing for scenarios in your head may be helpful but thinking a lot may drive you nuts.
Just find something to do to fill the void. That helped me a lot. If you like cooking, writing, drawing, dancing, or whatever, just do it.

Or better ask yourself, why do you overthink in the first place? When did you start overthinking? Some event or somebody may have triggered it.

Thank-you for taking the time to comment on my post :) I will try you suggestions, but, I feel its just a personality trait engrained in me.