Ok, a Tricky Questi...

Ok, a tricky question, part philisophical, *I think therefore I am.*, and then the ExpierenceProject slant to the question, lol. I do believe *I think therefore I am.* so by extension I would probably say IF *I think too much therefore I am.* must also be true. Now too further the thought, can you think too much to the point of ONLY thinking ,and NEVER doing, that infact you cease to exist in the REAL world and only exist in your mind?

If a tree falls in the woods but no one is their to hear it, did it actually fall?

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3 Responses Apr 21, 2007

It is somehow quite torturous to exist only in the mind.

That's an interesting one. To rephrase, if one thinks, but has possibility of interacting with the material world (ie no ability to *experience*, because even observing something is an experience), then one would exist in an entirely isolated, separate universe. So you would have any existence in this universe, but what does that mean? I guess it means that the property your existence would have no meaning in this universe!

That there is deeeeeep!