Thinking Thoughts On a Thoughtlessly Tired Thinking Day



The thoughts below are mostly off-shoot from a response I was going to make to 'allwaysremembers' story.

Well, Lucid dreaming displays the brains ability to construct amazingly intricate worlds within the hardware of your why not withdrawal into the vast realms of your own imagination?

Although you would probably want to have a few real experiences to base your internal reality on...

And about that tree that falls in the woods, what is sound? Is sound the soundwaves which our eardrums translate? or is it the process of translation? If it is prior, then yes, there is a sound, if it is latter then no because no-one can translate those sound-waves into decipherable sound expect an observer.

Now, how about that chicken and egg? Which came first...most people should know this by now.

Chickens are Birds evolved from dinosaurs evolved from (mammal like)reptiles, eggs have been around for a long long time, but for arguments sake we could say that the dinosaur that was on its way to bird-dom was laying its eggs for a long time before they produced a chicken-like creature, so Eggs came first.

All opinion, all up to your frame of reference, we do live in our own internal universe because we all believe the world works in different ways. Consider the differences between a religious person and an atheist. The faithful person sees every event as a pre-determined planned out purposeful event(or they might believe that there is a big guy over their shoulder judging their use of free-will). The atheist sees it as pure interesting chaos(or they might also believe the universe is pre-determined through physics and time). You might be living in a completely different universe to the person sitting nearest to you, does it change the reality you both see? I suppose that’s upto you.

Woah! I am thinking way too much for my tired brain. I am.


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I love conversations like this, <br />
but unfortunately, MY brain is too pickled right now to say anything intelligent...<br />
Good to be reminded of the universe within, and how everyone has their own unique perspective.

You are, wait, you're wrong, no wait...We're all degrees of right and wrong.<br />
I like the literal answer, on earth, eggs first ...

What about a quantum mechanics approach to the tree that fell in the woods? Any act of observation perturbs the state of the universe to any extent, so if a "tree" falls and does not perturb the universe, what *meaning* does that have? Quantum physics has some really interesting stuff to say about causality, I think. Which is possibly why I'm not sold on the chicken and egg explanation, given that the heart of that paradox is really about circular causation, not evolutionary biology ;) Quantum physics would suggest that the answer to that question is both the chicken AND the egg, NEITHER the chicken NOR the egg or EITHER, but to a point where determinism can go kiss the pig's hairy backside. :D