Thinking In My Dreams...

I can't sleep because I think too much. I am a ballet dancer so I naturally think a lot (99% of the time about ballet) but does anyone else find that they can't sleep because they're thinking? also, i think in my dreams. i'm a very light sleeper and i am almost always conscious in my dreams. usually i can't force myself to wake up too easily (although i have before) but i can talk to myself and i am STILL thinking! do you believe it? maybe this is why i'm tired all of the time! because I never actually stop thinking and get some good rest! ... ok, that and i wake up at 6 every morning to go dance all day. haha
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3 Responses Jul 27, 2010

I think we all do that, we like to think, and I personally don't think it's anything bad. But it does get in the way of sleeping a lot of the time. As long as you don't worry-think, if that makes any sense, you'll be just fine.

same here....kind of.there are nights where i can get good sleep but thats only if i really tire myself out by doing something like house cleaning or reading or day.<br />
i find its the same as night is when it hits me the most.i just can't switch off!!<br />
i do hope that you can find something to help you.i know how bad it can be waking up & feeling like you haven't rested at all.<br />
hope you have a good day.thankyou for sharing your experience<br />
:)<br />
take care<br />

your not alone i spend most of the day thinking. thats what im always getting caught doing. And its worse at night when its quiet.