Apps (written While Drunk)

 Our brains are like computers. They are computers. They have memory. They can be programmed.
Hell, I can remember when my older sister held me in the garage and I was two. My father was driving the sky blue Pontiac into the garage of our new house...
I was two. Yet I have a memory of being held, of seeing, of feeling safe for a time. My older sister did not drop me, so I learned to to feel safe when I was  held.
They say when we exercise that our bodies remember what it is we expect them to do, so our muscles respond, react, step up to the challenge we put before them, and that is how we get into shape.
Our brains store images, just like computers, and  we can access those images whenever we want to. Sometimes those images play even when we don't  want then to--they call that post traumatic stress--the wires have crossed, the stored images override the peaceful images we want to upload. There is nothing to be done. Maybe call the Geek Squad to help erase that which you no longer want.
Sometimes the brain outwits the will, and we hold our heads, massage our temples futilely  trying to erase what is there. Good luck.
At least one of my friends is worried about what I might write here, while drunk...compromised as it were, because the brain apparently gets loose and garbled when alcohol is introduced. I want to say, see? See what I can do inebriated? Look. Coherent observations. So there. No vengeful essays, no embarrassing revelations. Just me ruminating about how brains mimic computers.
What if we could download an app that could override all of the negative stuff that has been programmed in over the years? What if we could override hate and bigotry and replace it with love and acceptance? Wipe out the hard drive of people who do not  get how love is supposed to work and reprogram them so that they get it, what love is, absent bitterness and pain and all that goes along with that --that code that has been previously written--REWRITE IT!
Heal yourself. 
My god I wish there was an app for love.
Quintesse Quintesse
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I GIVE the advice to not get drunk or High and write stuff online....and then I get ****** up and do it anyway....LOL!!!
I read things here and think about MY life and just start typing....kinda like right now.....If I write something offensive, just don't read it....right????

Oh man--this is embarrassing. <br /><br />
An app for love. Oh brother.<br />
It sounds like a really, really, really bad play.<br />
Note to Self: No drinking and writing

When drunk, it doesn't exist. Trust me. Been there, done that. You don't need an app for love. You need to realize how great you are and that someone needs to deserve you. At some point I think we all hit our "rock bottom". That just means that we have no where to go but up. Don't ever doubt yourself. You Are Worth It.

Thank you so much for this. This was all pretty tongue in cheek, but you are right-I am worth it. So are you. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

I like the idea of erasing or resetting/restoring. <br />
You guys are good.<br />
I will have to expound on this at a later date though (exhaustion has set in). But now you have me thinking...<br />

Thecarer---HA!<br />
I realized my mistake! (I was drunk remember?)<br />
but I was hoping no one would notice. Shhh<br />
I know I got it backwards--let's just keep it between us.

I am beginning to have ipad envy--that's two friends in one week, bragging. <br />
Running on empty...hmmm<br />
I think there's a song there.<br />
Sorry you are down. <br />
It happens. I am too.<br />
We'll get over it. I'll figure out a way to crack myself up soon.<br />
Heads up--you and me.

But where will all those envying end? My sis has an iPad2 now!
No, I don't want to be unthankful. My three men gave it to me as a christmas present and it's a cool thingy! It only has probs with flash player, so I can't see everything.

Nice story but you got one thing wrong! computers mimic brains,not other way round and most people are only using aprox 10-20% of total brain capacity.

Same here, I have an iPad, but there isn't a love app to buy and I sooo need my tank to be filled, because I store the rest of love and there is not much I can give to my friends and family at the moment.

I need to download some love soon ricky, I'll tell you that. I'm going to overheat and short out one of these days.<br />
Midnight, I get what you're saying too. No point in erasing anything, maybe just override that which we no longer require. Delete that negative stuff that we no longer need for reference's sake--make room for some more productive and upgraded programs--more usable and appropriate data--stuff that is more easily accessible and simpler to use. Maybe free up some space to allow for faster assimilation and productivity.<br />
Okay, I'll stop.<br />
You get the idea. <br />
Thanks for appreciating how I did this while pretty sloshed. I was pleasantly surprised, myself. Except for an extra "to" somewhere in there, I spelled everything correctly and even used punctuation appropriately. Not too shabby if you ask me. <br />
Plus--the concept is intriguing even if it turns out it is not very original. I can always come back and say--well at least I wasn't out getting a tattoo somewhere--I was ruminating on the meaning of life and love. <br />
Now if I'd just stick to tea and water I'd be fine.<br />
Thank you for your thoughtful and amusing comment. I agree.

Rereading this and now I'm the one who is awefully wasted.

Haha! Reading while drunk is still much better than composing while under the influence. Trust me.

Agreed! Hickup

I get what you're saying, but without the negative and pain, would we be able to know what true beauty is?<br />
<br />
Would a dandelion and a red rose look the same?<br />
<br />
Would the sound of congested traffic and a favorite piece of music sound the same?<br />
<br />
The taste of a favorite pizza and the taste of a bitter medicine, no difference.<br />
<br />
The touch of of a fine piece of silk on ones skin versus the abrasiveness of a bandage, who could tell?<br />
<br />
The scent of a sweet perfume on a woman and a odor of the factory belching out it's waste product, I know I want to tell the difference.<br />
<br />
Instead of completely wiping out the negative and replacing it with love, how about downloading in a restrictor, a governor if who will, allowing only so much negativity to get through and when are brain is told we've had enough, the app kicks in automatically relieving us of that pain. <br />
<br />
But nice job of doing this under the influence. Been on the receiving end of many phone calls and visits from folks after they've had a few to many, but few were ever as co-herent as the piece I just read. :)

What a great idea! I want that love app!

There are a couple of people who I wish I could reprogram, or at least sweep so as to remove the harmful viruses that have them stuck.<br />
But I like the idea of downloading fast and wonderful new superpower applications--they say there are some that can make you faster and smarter and even pixel prettier.<br />
haha. <br />
I want to be able to read minds even better than I can now.

I forgot about cyborgs. Then again, I was drunk, so I was sure I thought of this all on my own. Stupid Terminator movies--but they were the opposite--they couldn't feel emotion, right? <br />
Our brains really are amazing things though, our bodies, so complex, yet so fragile. Interesting.<br />
<br />
Thank you Expectant one. Go figure, inebriated profundity.

I really like this story, this is wonderful Quintesse.

Ahhhhh. This story makes me wish we had cyborgs :)

Yeah. I know my friend. I am sorry.<br />
I forgot to eat yesterday, that was my problem. Too busy talking, built up a thirst, and the rest is history. It happens.<br />
I'm happy for you that your brain has been programmed to create beautiful music. It is an amazing thing.

I was buzzed last night myself. you know why. But had to go Chardonnay. I don't drink normally so it only took 3 glasses. But I know that my hands know exactly where to place my fingers on the strings when I play those difficult classical pieces. I have practiced them so often that they have been programmed to move the same way. Our brains can be programmed.

Oh man. Thank you you guys--every one of you, for not making me feel like a drunk fool. I just re-read this and it is not as bad as I thought. (I even felt the need to provide a disclaimer). I was sure that it would not make any sense at all, and yet last night I felt like I was having this profound drunk revelation.<br />
I remember typing very carefully--for some reason it could not wait--then I logged off and went to bed. Then I came back on and removed my status that said that I was drunk, because I thought that was embarrassing. But you notice I left the title intact. Brilliant.<br />
I will blame this on love and desire. It makes you a little crazy at times.<br />
Right now I need to shut down. I feel like I've been hacked by some evil virus. It's called the too much Pinot Grigio worm.

It seems that storing vegetables is a little like storing memories they last longer pickeled ;-)<br />
<br />
It's also interesting that to improve computer systems we now use Fuzzy logic, perhaps our own perception is better not black and white or 0 & 1's. The world is an abstract place, and as usual you have added a little colour to it.<br />
<br />
The thing is would we ever want to erase memories? A computer will make the same mistake over and over again. Whereas our own thinking should mean that using our past mistakes (some would say experiences) we should behave differently the next time.<br />
<br />
Yet we are human, often we make the same mistakes again, we hope that maybe this time we'll wake up tomorrow without a hangover. Some would call this optimism.<br />
<br />
I look forward to your next unerased gem :-)

Ah miss Q.<br />
<br />
still a thinker, even when under the influence of a mind altering drug.<br />
<br />
love<br />