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So Much It Hurts

I am always thinking of ways to do or make something.I go to bed,during the night and wake-up in the morning thinking.During the day is the worst.The main thing i think about is my wifes and sons disabilities,whats going to happen.How to make her life easier.Sometimes i think on a subject,i forget i am doing something else at the time.I love building things,so i think of something to build.My wife has to stop me sometimes from buying junk to build something.I see something on the side of the road or at the junk yard and think what i could use it for.Then there's the weekend,before it gets here.What are we going to do. It never stops,the thinking
cindyloulove cindyloulove 56-60, M 1 Response Jan 12, 2012

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You do have a lot to think about and I can understand the frustration you have. Might I suggest that you ask your wife what you can do for her, what are her fears and where is her comfort? Her answers to these should give guidance regarding the specific problems that you need to attend to allowing you to "do" more than "think". <br />
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So often we have things on our minds that are "what if's" or "possibilities" and not realities. If you can get things down to the realities then you won't have to carry around the burden of the "what if's". Thus, less to think about.

I know what her fears and comforts are,i've known for ages.Trying to get the house fixed for her,with little money.We both worry about our son,trying to figure who will take of him.Along with my depression,i suffer from paranoia and anxiety attacks.Can't afford meds.We have no one to turn to.