All The Time

I believe I do think to much .it borders on a mental condition. When it comes to relationships it causes problems for me .like tonight I'm in a long distance relationship and I didn't really talk to my girl much ,she was busy .I got a plan ticket today to go see her and wanted to talk to her but just didn't happen no big deal . But I'm thinking really you ha e no time ..why what is tacking all your time . My head races with doubt and worry . Last night we talked for 2 hours and I was happy . I think I bin damaged by my past .see I just ended a marriage to a woman cause she was a junkie . As you can imagine she lied and stole from me left me and our kids .that was 9 months ago . It not that I don't trust the woman I'm involved with now I do ,I have no reason not to . But my head goes back to bad thinking .I hate it 'im trying to just put it out of my head but it is not easy for me . I say to myself if it meant to be with this woman it will be if not then it's not I'm OK with that . It is heard to be apart from her . Well hard for me cause I THINK TO MUCH ...
matydreadz matydreadz
36-40, M
May 6, 2012