I Think Too Much..

Mainly at night before I fall asleep. Sometimes it's about the weirdest things like did I remember to lock the front door. Other times I lay there hoping if I silently talk to myself in my head something will respond. My mind still can't comprehend how since '08 I've lost 3 of the uncles that meant the world to me. 

Uncle 1: June 14th, 2008
Uncle 2: May 30th, 2010
and the most recent and the most hardest Uncle 3: June 1, 2011

I understand death is a part of life but what the f*** since 1998 I've lost roughly 9 family members. Started off every other year but my aunt broke the chain in '03. 

Rather depressing after awhile.. the hurt will ease in time I guess. But after my uncle passed away almost a year ago I really don't know if I can handle anymore death. But I come here to escape I guess. Meeting new people and relating to them and their stories. I dont feel so alone here. 

Think I've said enough..

SaraBear87 SaraBear87
26-30, F
May 15, 2012