I Run Scenarios Through My Mind Alot

I sit and run things through my head all the time. Like for example i can be on the bus in the morning and suddenly im in a world where the bus fails in some way and i do something and make for a great rescue or i die in it or somethong that couldnt possibly happen or if it did happen aint no way i would react like that . I would cower in fear like everybody else. Or like ill think of what would happen if i did this until i have a perfect story worthy scenario in my head to forget soon after. Or like when im on this site and i write a story like this one and afterwards im sitting thinking of scenarios in which someone comments or something like that and i talk to them and then we talk so much we keep eachother sane or we really know eachother in real life and we dont figure it out online because in the world we see eachother and hate eachother but on the internet we love eachother and we end up discovering who we are on here and we realize were perfect and so on and so forth u know what i mean? Am i a loner or do alot of people sit and do this ? I hope im.not a loner i hate to be alone . Hey does anybody think taking my scenarios and when i think of them write them down maybe i could use them in the future ? Anybody think its a good idea. Be a hell of a story at the end
jlogan14 jlogan14
18-21, M
May 15, 2012