Sometimes I Wish.....

Sometimes i wish i can turn off this too much thinking lols.Usually this thinking habbit or nature keeps my mind busy and even if i dont have any company i am not bored.
But this habbit becomes a trouble when i keep thinking about a problem and dont get out of the depression.One of my professors in college used to say if you dont think much you enjoy life (but like an idiot) and if you keep thinking you have lots of what ifs lols.I dont agree to this but still when i get stuck in some problematic thoughts i want to turn of this thinking habbit for sometime.
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3 Responses Sep 21, 2012

you need to relax friend....if you overthink thats not gunna do any good.....but it'll harm your thinking skills......
get a healthy activity and get rid of it..:))

try "Tai Chi", its simple and will be really and instantly beneficial to you, i have also tested and benefited from it.

You can also start you yoga to see a great change in your life.

Best Wishes

We need to think, dear. Thinking is good. But, thinking should go until we find he ultimate truth. We must be able to stop thinking on one subject where there is dead end. Thinking becomes bad only when we attach emotion to the thinking. Then it becomes worry and not thought. So, we should not confuse between worry and thinking. So, ultimately thinking is good.