Help, I'm Trapped In A Brain Hole

I often feel as though my brain is a bottomless pit and if I'm left alone with it for too long I will fall in. My best friend says that's what I get for being smart. "Hope you enjoyed all those A's while you were in school," he says, "Because now you get to live with the reality that you are more intelligent than everyone else and you think about things too much."

I don't really believe I am more intelligent than everyone else, but apparently I was issued a brain that won't shut up.

The worst part about having an active brain is that where ever you go, you get to take it with you. There's no escape. There's no turning it off. It's just there, in your head, always, thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking. AND THINKING AND THINKING.

It can be a lot of work, having a brain.
sweaterhead sweaterhead
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

My brain tends to want to generalize everything. Eventually I get caught up in loops of thought leading me back to the problem I began with. It's mentally and emotionally exhausting. It's driving me up the walls. Does this happen to you?

Yes. That definitely happens to me. I'll start thinking about a specific problem that I'm facing and then I'll start thinking about how it's really part of a bigger problem. This ultimately leads to a thought loop that I can get trapped in. I'm trying to get better at catching myself doing this and shutting it down before it gets out of control. But yeah, you're not alone on doing that.