I Think This Puts Me In a Bad Position

I think too much.

And you say you think alot too.

But you don't share.
It is only from my side.

Maybe because I am an emotional girl?
But I have seen you hang your head, a tear fall down your cheek.

But we don't remember.
We've become fond of the lushes we have become.

Maybe if I met you elsewhere. Older. Somewhere. ANYWHERE BUT HERE.

But we are resigned to what we do.

So we date.
But we love.
Each other.

Is this anyway to live?

I thought it was okay.
But I feel so much.

But I am also afraid of commitment.

I don't want mariage and a baby and everything else that people assume with a commitment.

Instead, I want to commit to loving you fully, and enjoying life with you.

And while I wish I could spend a long long time with you.
Realistically, you will be a flash in the pan.

But I won't forget you.
Like you do me, because of the alcohol.

Which I can't judge.

Sometimes, I think you drink because I drink so much.
And sometimes, I just want to lay with you, I don't care how bored I am, being with you makes me feel at peace.

I don't want forever, but I also don't want less.

Like I said, I think I think too much....
tchotchke tchotchke
22-25, F
3 Responses May 11, 2007

beautiful poem. tradgec, cause thats no way to live. loving eachother but dating others :[ very sad.

Hm... I'm sorry but yeah, you do think too much. *mutters something about "poetry"*

This was wonderful. I can relate. "I don't want forever, but I also don't want less." That is too true.