I Can..

Instantly read into something someone says to me, within 2.2 seconds after they've said it. It drives those around me nuts. A lot of the time, I'll keep my thoughts quiet. Sometimes, I'm in just the right mood where I express it.

I need mental distractions or my mind rehashes things, dissects things.

I have trouble being able to go with what a person said for what it is. I tend to start thinking and accuse them of things that didn't even come to their minds.
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Ha!, i thought I was the only one and it makes me wonder if I was crazy but now I see that I'm not
Thanx for ur post

Ok.. let's see what you come up with here: So I just wanted to stop by and say hi and ask if you have ever died in a dream?

My first reaction is... why stop by here and ask that?

To see what you read into it.

I have to give a slight **** about what you're saying, to care enough to begin to read into it.


You wanted to know.

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I dissect things as well, though take a slightly different approach to applying this. Everything is a matter of probability - chances are I will take what the person said at face value, making a mental note if I doubt them (and how much - this will most likely be influenced by later actions made by that person).

As pie106 said, body language is a huge part of communication. It certainly contributes to whether I believe what they said, but, furthermore, many of the things that they tell me are not things they say in words, but rather things that the manner in which they speak says about who they are. These are probably things that most people would be at least slightly freaked out if I told them I know.