I Do This Too Often!

ALWAYS had a tendacy to overthink and worry about things WAY too much. Sometimes not a good things when...you should be concertrating on business at hand. Sometimes worry to much and can't fall asleep. Have been prone to migrains in the past mostly. I think about things and most of the time, I t's needless.
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Wow! I go thru the same thing! My life is SO busy that thinking / or even day dreaming is my way of escape. But I do get headaches and migraines often as well. Trying to learn how to organize my life.

SIGH... i think we all go through this sometimes,actually. Do alot of daydreaming also.

I sure wish you good lick, InsecurityGrrl. It's hard just to sleep, period, when your mind won't slow down...
I daydream about on par with parakeet, too. We both use our wild imaginations for escape, sometimes...:-)

My poor Darling! :-( I feel so sorry for you, after reading this story. Hope those migraines will go away, and stay away, from you! I LOVE YOU sooo much!!! Hugs and kisses to make that stress all go away! :-)

Thank you honey. Sometimes think things over too much. Not too many migraines now. Ilove supoorting me. oxox

Your love will ALWAYS be as supportive to you as he knows how to be! LOVE you, Darling! *kissing away all possible mugraine pain*

TY my honey bear! oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo LOVE YOU!

My love for you is deeper than my voice! ;-) You're welcome, my Ter bear! :-*

love you deeper than your voice...hehehehehehe oxoxoxoxoxox

Hahaha! GOOd answer, my Dear! MUAH! :-* HUGS!

lovin' on you sooo much. oxoxoxoxoxox with TICKLES!

Our lovin' ALWAYS will include TICKLES!!! ;-) :-D

So much behind what bonded us.

It sure is, Lovebird....KISSES!

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