Anxiety and Worriation

I'm in a relationship where there are many woman that desires him. To the point where they would do everything they can to push me away. Ive been with him for almost 6 years. He loves me, I know, but there are times I worry about losing him. When he don't answer, or come around, I am afraid I'm losing his heart. Sometimes I have anxiety and panic attacks. Ive been in a relationship once before him, and I'm starting to feel like I have anxiety because I don't know how to handle him exactly. My worriation leads me to anxiety, and that leads me to confusion. Its crazy.

He always say I think too much on things, and I over analyze situations.
I literally think of every possible option and I always consider the worst. And most of the times, that leads me to anxiety. Someone can say something to me, or I can see something and take it to another level due to me thinking so much.
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Welcome to the club. I think out every scenario and come up with the solution so that I'm prepared and never surprised. Be careful because that also tends to take the fun and the happiness out of things, because you already expected that happened. It's a curse.

I agree, it has taken the happiness from me

I understand your concern. I am sure most women would feel the same in your situation.6 years is a good chunk of time, you cant tell me this has started recently so how have you dealt with it up to now?have you always been an analyzer?tell him how it makes you feel when you see other women flirting with him..........take care ........good luck xx

Yes, it did just began. People say I always ave analyzed, but I know never like this. He has great pride, and he don't sweat no woman, and I guess that's why woman want him even more. He always tell me that he don't have anything to do with what they do.