I Can...

Instantly read into something someone says to me, within 2.2 seconds after they've said it. It drives those around me nuts.  A lot of the time, I'll keep my thoughts quiet.  Sometimes, I'm in just the right mood where I express it.

I need mental distractions or my mind rehashes things, dissects things.

I have trouble being able to go with what a person said for what it is. I tend to start thinking and accuse them of things that didn't even come to their minds.
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3 Responses Jun 1, 2007

Me too, most people don't like talking to me because of it... it's sad ):

I do this way too much! It is so hard to actually live life as it comes..

Geez, I do the same thing, although I've gotten alot better about it over the past year or so. It drives my loved ones nuts, and me as well. I'm working on it though, mostly because I can see myself losing someone special to me and I realized I was just making myself unhappy.