Sometimes It Sucks.

I do think too much. I let myself slip into the pattern of repetative thoughts. It's not only that I am always seems as though I am always thinking the same thing...over and over and over again.

..even now.

my thoughts drive me insane.

I have trouble shutting off my brain sometimes. that's when i listen to music...but even sometimes that doesn't help. the song on the radio reminds you of this or that...and then you're stuck where you were in the first place.

it's an uphill battle.

goodness. i'm glad to hear that other people do it too.


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5 Responses Jun 25, 2007

Your comment about music is spot on....I love Pink Floyd but put the headphones on and every other song causes my brain to re live every bad moment, heartache and feeling of lonliness.

I guess its a compliment to the music though :)

That happens to me quite often am on medication actually. When I dont take my little pill to go to sleep then it starts the little unbreakable chain of thoughts. I believe those are anxiety attacks.

o: ....... wow are you reading my mind because the perfect word to describe my thoughts is repetetive.

repetative wow thats me all over,<br />
i think your amazing because reading your comments make feel as thought ive diagnosed my problems i've found the answer to me and my behaviour wow thats all i can say. <br />
<br />
i think about bad things to much,<br />
you know things that have a negative effect on my state of mind and choices why.... <br />
<br />
believe me i've tried to get help and it was not worth it all they want is money it was like i was being told that it is my fault....<br />
<br />
...but what if it isnt my fault? what if its there fault ... how do i deal with i?<br />
<br />
I guess i just have to cut them out of my life ... for good seriously these people ARE NOT good for me... <br />
<br />
.....i mean if there are people or a person in your life that behaves in a way that makes you question yourself and have bad thoughts GET RID OF THEM, or if they are close family avoid being in there direct company so much LIKE <br />
......avoid a full conversation with them like when they start talking bulls**t just listen whlist THEY ARE talking just think of what you'd like to buy yourself or where you like to travel...<br />
<br />
...after all you need to do is block em out with something positive instead of thinking i dont want to talk to you right now.... or help me i want out.<br />
<br />
peace to all .... hope the above provides a little clarity to your situation....

Yes over and over again it never stops i have to take sleeping meds due to my brain never stops I will worry or think of things to do and what should be done and also get negitive thoughts alot.... or will he leave me?? **** like that but I do get to sleep sometimes, even with the sleeping meds i still have a hard time sleeping through out the night. I have started to get up very early and bake and I do work but off now due to surgery so that gives me even more time to think.... it sucks bein us!!!!